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Not a government idea, nor a corporate site. Adventure Atlas and a digital box for magic.
Once I had a texual blog, but then I've lost my words... and moved here...

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Quizical beach

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a tiny piece of rocky sand with two semi-piers, circus umbrella with a dressed lady on a stool under it, a man with sunglasses coming out of the water, a kid with hat splashing to the left, and some folks fishing to the far...

taniwha's comment made the label: quizical beach
20th Jun 2006, 19:00   | tags:,comments (2)


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We met again, after 3 years, for half a day.
18th Jun 2006, 15:35   comments (0)


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Fishermen and their small wooden boats on the edge of a tourist city in Nortneast Bulgaria.
18th Jun 2006, 15:02   | tags:,,comments (0)

Mini Macro

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Its been sometime.
I went to a cruise soon after I finished working at the Capital and returned to my home city - Varna. Time passed and I bough this watch to complete the cycle of working for The Man. Now its time to resume bloging in photo, this time not with a cameraphone, but with a semi-pro soapbox.
Its time to resume.
16th Jun 2006, 19:29   | tags:,comments (3)

Se Leste September

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Last photo taken with the now gone cameraphone Nokia 6230. No current aparatus to connect with this blog from now on, until some time pass and my hands get extended with another digital ready photo-capture device
5th Nov 2005, 07:10   comments (3)

Fwd: Empty Cinema

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From the day before: Went to a cinema, the saloon was empty. �nly one came to see a russian 2003's movie "Return". chilly space, but I enojoyed the film.
25th Oct 2005, 11:18   | tags:comments (3)


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25th Oct 2005, 10:09   | tags:comments (0)


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#1::One of the four elements on the mounment of the bulgarian/soviet army

#2::Win Amp on my deck, newspapers in the background
25th Oct 2005, 10:07   comments (0)