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the lovely sunset

(viewed 482 times)
louisa & jamie pointing at the lovely sunset

louisa & kev on the way back to norf london innit?!!?

BLAD (what does that mean?)
23rd Oct 2006, 11:04   comments (0)

beards & guts

(viewed 1382 times)
we had a competition who could snap the biggest beer belly & beard.. this is what i managed, i nearly got caught (middle pic), they looked mean...
23rd Oct 2006, 10:59   | tags:,comments (3)

classic times

(viewed 629 times)
i found a bartender who had a similiar watch to my classic casio

mine is the top grey one.. old school is the best

2) jamie eating a home-made hashbrown and a smoke sausage hot dog.... mmm the heart congestion
23rd Oct 2006, 10:46   comments (0)

mirror fun

(viewed 509 times)
in the york house in twickenham for the beer festival... this mirror is MADNESS!! i love it!

notice the empty pint glass, i returned it & got my 2pounds back hehe =)
23rd Oct 2006, 10:44   comments (0)

beer festival fun!

(viewed 1334 times)
more pictures of us at the beer festival

1) me & jamielonglegs
2) sarah, kev & jamie
3) jamie kissing paul
4) kev & jamie kissing paul
23rd Oct 2006, 10:41   | tags:,comments (1)

twickenham beer festival

(viewed 678 times)
longlegs and i went to the twickenham beer festival with a bunch of his uni mates, it was a great day, the old men with the beer bellies and beards were awesome... except the stinky farts... boy that was some smell
23rd Oct 2006, 10:15   comments (0)

wigs galore

(viewed 1173 times)
i went to a wig shop to try on some wigs for my boss, i think the top one is a definate no no
23rd Oct 2006, 09:56   | tags:comments (2)

tribal madness

(viewed 1322 times)
the weather perhaps? i have no scientific reasoning of why, for an oriental i do not have dead straight hair and happen to have this crazy wacky bush instead...

it goes with my personality i suppose...

wacky jackie
20th Oct 2006, 10:19   | tags:comments (1)