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Cherish it.

Convoy of 38's. They're gonna change to bendy buses in a couple of days.

I like it.

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25th Oct 2005, 00:43   comments (8)

Mum's birthday meal!

24th Oct 2005, 13:41   comments (3)

Trippy tube pics

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1st Oct 2005, 00:01   comments (0)

Midnight 01

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After living in the Junction for years and years, it happened to be the first time that we ever took the "midnight 01" train. Not the 12:01 train but the "midnight 01" service as announced by the tannoy.

Still thrilled about this (Y'know, it's the small things that really tittilate- especially when you're sloshed) we announced it to everyone on the train, in particular the guy behind us.. who responded by looking at his watch and correcting us in a thick polish accent, "midnight 03".

He earned his kudos. Longtime londoner. Clearly.
30th Sep 2005, 23:52   comments (1)

Drunken night back in da jonkshon

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1. Street Light Hangman/ fill in the gaps!

2. Kwik tan next to the orange shop...

3. Shoe zone - buy one, get one free. It's still funny when you're drunk!
30th Sep 2005, 23:51   | tags:comments (0)

Too sugary for my tastes.

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In response to the latest Jamie Oliver Sainsbury's TV ad. "Try something new." Ugh.

(needs sound)
22nd Sep 2005, 00:39   comments (0)

The Tigermoth

My Grandad first learned to fly in a TigerMoth before joining Bomber Command in 1943. He would have been about 17 or 18 years old when he was training, and he remembers how he just couldn't "get the bloody thing to land". He trained for weeks with one instructor but somehow the chemistry between them was off and teacher student relationship was fairly sour. With 'the test' on the horizon, failure looked imminent. Until, only a matter of days before, said instructor was off sick and another took the flying lesson.

"I just can't land the bloody thing"

"No problem ol' chap ('cos that's how they talked in those days), we'll do a once around and just watch what I do."

My Grandad told me how something 'just clicked' this time and he realised that he needed to point the nose up as he was coming in to land. When it came to the test, the old instructor gloriously expected to fail him, but instead stood gawping as the plane was brought down gently and into a soft landing. He was told to do it again, and if he could land it a second time... well, the rest is history.
14th Sep 2005, 19:37   | tags:,comments (4)