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Dust tactics mech conversion

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Well happy with end result! Its tough to get back into painting minis after at least 15 years. I used to find it really relaxing and delivered a great sense of satisfaction when I was 14 but trying it now has taken me a year to get back into. Working on the fine details is frustrating when your paintbrush slips and then the models themselves are fiddly to build. But the worst was actually completely losing an eye for colour schemes and artistic effects. Had totally lost an eye for colour and design... But it's gradually coming back (if I do say so myself)! Been working on these for at least 6 hours a day for 4 nights and taking massive 'risks' in terms of trying out new techniques. The yellow one I got into doing all the advanced basics, but the black rust one was completed with effects and techniques I've never tried before (effects I had seen before but could never work out how they were done) - which just sort of came out of the creative process. Like the red lines as the weathered/ erosion effect on the armour.
30th Dec 2011, 07:59   comments (5)

Dust tactics axis mechas (conversion)

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One behind has been converted to stand taller, but originally was the same model as the yellow mech, but with different guns. Idea was that the yellow one has stats which make it good in close combat (in dust tactics game) so I painted it like a power loader from the film, Aliens. The black mech has stats that are better for long range, so wanted to make it more ominous from a distance, so made it stand taller rebuilding the legs on reverse to be look more like an Ed-209 from robocop - but the colour scheme is inspired from the alien robot from District 9. I wanted to get some practice in painting that style as I intend to do a District 9 diorama one day. Ultimately I want to do alternate universe dioramas of a bunch of sci-fi movies if I can... So this is the first step in a project I've been mulling for awhile - and tried a couple of times to execute but it just hasn't worked cos I had been out of practice painting (haven't painted minis for 15 years).
30th Dec 2011, 07:46   comments (2)

Dust tactics mecha conversion

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And completed my first ever proper conversion tonight!

This was originally the same tank as in previous post (just with different weapons) but instead this one has been heavily kit bashed and rebuilt in a different order so that it stands taller.
30th Dec 2011, 07:35   comments (0)

Dust Tactics robo tank

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Completed my first dust tactics mini this week.
30th Dec 2011, 07:32   comments (0)

Ridiculous ad

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Not a philosophy. Just a word. And a made up word at that.
29th Dec 2011, 21:13   comments (0)

Worlds biggest Christmas tree?

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Merry Christmas mobloggers!
25th Dec 2011, 21:24   comments (3)

Love this city!

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2nd Dec 2011, 03:25   comments (1)

Pandora party

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2nd Dec 2011, 02:35   comments (0)