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i am a geek child with a hairy man face

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my new top...

(viewed 459 times)
it came yesterday - had to rush to the bogs at work to try it on for size..

rather nice it is too
9th Jun 2006, 13:08   comments (0)

in the office

(viewed 573 times)
yes it's my colleague STROKE housemate laura..

she came down to borrow a fan. we didn't have any.
8th Jun 2006, 16:33   comments (4)

extreme talking

(viewed 447 times)
me trying to say "GCSE" in libsdibs' weird sleazy voice

8th Jun 2006, 09:02   comments (0)

nicest services EVER.

(viewed 476 times)
donington park services off the M1 - out the back they've got picnic tables, a lake and a lovely view of the leicestershire hills...
5th Jun 2006, 09:22   comments (3)

too much booze

(viewed 461 times)
john fell fast asleep at the BLUE NOTE club in derby on saturday night. how?
5th Jun 2006, 09:20   comments (1)

road trip

(viewed 447 times)
driving up to derby. for the gig. in a van.
5th Jun 2006, 09:16   comments (0)

darren and dll

(viewed 530 times)
darren from fire in cairo showing off the daddy long legs single poster someone (?) stuck on stage at the metro...
5th Jun 2006, 09:13   | tags:comments (0)

fire in cairo

(viewed 537 times)
live at the metro club, friday 2nd june. good set and all, i liked the third song best.
3rd Jun 2006, 11:10   | tags:comments (0)