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How Does Homeopathy Work?

The Story of Bottled Water

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Festive Dalek

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A chat with Roscoe often helps...

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Appaloosa chicken

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Last time I tried something like this, I partially dislocated my knee.... the things I risk for you, Nige. ;)
(Edit) Blimey, that room could do with a tidy...


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Jumping, not jumping... zen jump?

Windy Today

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18th Nov 2006, 02:31   | tags:,,,comments (7)

Lurchers are not allowed on the bed.

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17th Nov 2006, 04:40   | tags:,,,,comments (16)

Rose tinted spectacles

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The sun was doing lovely starburst beams but my phone isn't up to that sort of nonsense, so I wondered if my antiglare specs would help.
They didn't but it does look a bit rum...