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"If you are foolish enough to be contented, don't show it, but grumble with the rest."
Jerome K. Jerome

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No, Sir Findo, THIS is having too much time on your hands!

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At least half the blame/credit for this lunacy must go to Sharonthebaron for starting this knitting enterprise of hand-made puppet scarves! I'm just finishing a scarf she started for Nurse Booty. One of these days I'll get a life...
16th Jan 2007, 13:52   | tags:,,comments (3)

The Purple Puppet Project continues!

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The mouth begins to take shape! Although he is still blind, like a newborn puppet, his mouth is working!!!
15th Jan 2007, 15:18   | tags:,comments (6)

The Purple Puppet Project!

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Step one...preparation...

Sprocket asked if I had made Dr Moody myself - I hadn't, but it made me wonder if I was capable of puppet creation. Thus inspired, here is the beginning of my first attempt!
15th Jan 2007, 15:14   | tags:,comments (4)

Otters on the Rampage!

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Just thought I'd better warn you all.
11th Jan 2007, 15:50   | tags:,,comments (8)

Desperately Seeking Goonflower

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My elf boots! Look at them! Look at the soles! They are beeyootiful! They reminded me of Madonna's boots in Desperately Seeking Susan and I just *had* to have them... :)
9th Jan 2007, 21:42   | tags:,comments (11)

Happy New Year!

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Got home to puppet carnage last night...Dr Moody and Nurse Booty hit the bottle, and the bottle, and the bottle...


(viewed 682 times) of the mulled variety...
1st Jan 2007, 13:15   comments (1)

Waiting for the results

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Sharon and the Steves wait to see who is bowling champion. Baronshubby won both games but overall Team Clarke won the first one and Team Simko the second.