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"If you are foolish enough to be contented, don't show it, but grumble with the rest."
Jerome K. Jerome

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Accidental complementary colours (coat/bag) on my way to work today. We were told to wear red for our company charity so I turned up in a red shirt, red tartan skirt, red boots and bright red coat and everyone else turned up in... the company shirt, which is red, or with a red rose attached to a lapel. *sigh*.
7th Mar 2007, 15:59   | tags:,comments (7)


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My beautiful pedigree Scottish Terrier Hekta, or, as my beloved husband described her in this picture, "a ball of fur with a nose". Hmnh.
27th Feb 2007, 12:31   | tags:,,comments (10)

Mary Jane

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I wish! I got Steve to dye my hair Mary-Jane red again on Saturday. He is a lot more patient than I am, meaning the bathroom was spared the usual trashing it receives from me, and I didn't end up with dyed red ears either.
26th Feb 2007, 11:12   | tags:,,comments (7)


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Finally gave up waiting for this much-needed cabinet to appear in the Ikea on our doorstep and drove 60 miles to the next one! Losers. I just realised that, from the pictorial evidence here, it looks like the husband constructed it - in reality he only got interested* half way through when I walked past him, brandishing a hammer.

*for "interested" read "concerned"


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Herewith my moose collection, as promised. That's Bjarne, my sleeping moose! Just got to get me a Malcolm, like Sir Findo's, now...
21st Feb 2007, 22:25   | tags:comments (8)

Instant Karma

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His & Hers matching thumb injuries!! The husband and I were putting new lampshades up when he cut his thumb on a light fitting. Obviously I laughed, called him a bumbling fool, put a plaster on his thumb and had a go myself whereupon I cut my thumb in exactly the same place on exactly the same bit of the light fitting! He, of course, decided this was an act of God to punish me for my mirth. Hence he's giving my thumb the Vs there.
13th Feb 2007, 14:59   | tags:,,,,comments (7)

Face of Guilt

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The Scottiedog thinks:

Stomp in snow;
Roll in snow;
Come into house having collected as much snow as possible;
Give The Eyes to the people that feed me so they can't possibly get mad.

The Day I Worked From Home

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