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"If you are foolish enough to be contented, don't show it, but grumble with the rest."
Jerome K. Jerome

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Today I did the unthinkable. Motivated by severe laziness (couldn't make it into the next room to wash a cup), I made cuppa soup in a bowl! God may well strike me down.
1st May 2007, 13:24   | tags:,,comments (2)

Midlands Moblog Meetyup

Hello Midlands mobloggers! Sorry I was so late but it was really cool to meet you and the puppets loved being allowed out on the town! Here are a few photos from me:
1: Mobloggers at The Old Fox.
2: Essitam meets Freakdog. J is busy with the menu.
3: Where there's wine, there's puppets.
4: Moblog's plush community meets.
5: Hollive & Bmal & Paintist with Nurse Booty and Dr Moody.

The Deciphers broke my shed

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Rah! Manly sledgehammer-pickaxe-smashery courtesy of musicians! Two of the Paintist/SWMBO-christened "triplets" ARE actually brothers and half of The Deciphers (band with a moblog!). The husband and brother-in-law smashed my workshop-shed to the ground on Saturday, which is the main reason why we were six hours late for the Midlands Meet. What can I say - they are both as determined as each other and would NOT leave until the whole thing had been destroyed! NickyC, my sister-in-law also gave up her entire weekend to help us. I've gone back to work for a well-earned snooze...
23rd Apr 2007, 23:04   | tags:,,comments (8)

Wine Glass Hand

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I finally smashed the last of the everyday wine glasses so now it's on the the Good Ones given to us by Dicko. They are dangerously large.
23rd Apr 2007, 22:55   | tags:,comments (0)

The Other Side

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More photos from Saturday. Polished black walls gave a spooky reflection. As did the shandy...
11th Apr 2007, 22:52   comments (3)


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Forgot I took these! Must have been the half a shandy I drank. Saturday night at the Jamhouse.
11th Apr 2007, 22:35   comments (2)

Fringe copier!

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3,000 miles apart and sharonthebaron and I end up with identical fringery and hair colour! Ah, sister-thing!
11th Apr 2007, 22:20   comments (6)


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Get back, vultures! This is a-l-l mine!! :D I thought I'd better stock up on the free booze I get via work before officially resigning, just in case they withdrew my priveledges! The back of the Yaris is now scraping along the ground.
11th Apr 2007, 15:31   | tags:,,,,,comments (18)