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The Engageme project used moblogging to engage young people in e-learning - more aptly known as m-learning.

The Engageme project involved teachers and students from nine different institutes of TAFE NSW Australia and was funded by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

We hope you have enjoyed our learning journey.

Go to www.engageme.net for more information on this project.

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It is the end of a long day and i will be glad to get this Engageme project up and running - at least with a voice in this discussion besides my own - it has certainly been an interesting way to post to the web - i hope the project participants are as committed to using mob. com. as Anne and i are - it's been a day opf ups and downs - ups with prospects and down with moderators and stodgy classics - never mind - the ups are the best bits and every new learning domain will challenge more than a few of us........
3rd Aug 2005, 07:08   comments (4)

Arriving - Departing

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The idea of mobile blogging like this is very appealing for me because i take longer to compose a message using the mobile keypad, i also get the opportunity to think, observe, record, annotate and publish live to the web without the fear of NO audience - i find it fascinating that any number of people can and have viewed this visual and text post and have the ability (by syndication) to comment and vote and add and link others into this interactive global forum. I also find the predictive text facility with these 2.5 G phones pretty amazing . Next stop today will be to discuss the mobtiger project proposal with Peter
3rd Aug 2005, 03:20   comments (2)

My thumb

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The most uninspiring image in my gallery wall.

It would seem that everyone everywhere in Sydney is wired in - connected to the net, surfing the sound files, downloading the latest and the greatest, massaging the truth out of automated reticulated feedcasts, uploading mobile blogging, punching numbers letters symbols into the ever compressed digital network
3rd Aug 2005, 02:56   comments (0)

Mr. Citizen

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Travelling to Sydney centre on my way to meet with a progressive - there is a distinct lack of knowledge it would seem in the greater VET and indeed whole of eduction sector as to the immediate uptake of mobile communication technology as a key communication and strategic delivery mechanism - at least thats the premise and one that I am out to test...............
3rd Aug 2005, 02:47   comments (0)

Tickets please

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Utopia - at least in some peoples eys
3rd Aug 2005, 02:29   comments (0)

Feet on seats

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How do we compare? There is a fine listed here for every action a human is capable of on a train o the stations are under scrutiny from every angle and their are many guards on trains now........very different to when I lived here moons ago.........
3rd Aug 2005, 02:26   comments (0)


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Flip-what an amazing meeting that one was-another bunch of educators with no idea what moblogging is- there is hope however - a number of them were very keen to explore how to take this to their students as a concept and see if they wished to take part in the Engageme project - the begining at least
3rd Aug 2005, 02:09   comments (0)

Steve - Educator

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Steve thinks that using moblogging has the potential to engage resistant learners - both educators and kids alike - we have to go with it he states .....kids are currently actively engaged using this technology.....so do we ( adults).....just not in the same way but maybe we could......if we are not to fall behind as we have in the past
3rd Aug 2005, 01:38   comments (0)