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The Engageme project used moblogging to engage young people in e-learning - more aptly known as m-learning.

The Engageme project involved teachers and students from nine different institutes of TAFE NSW Australia and was funded by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

We hope you have enjoyed our learning journey.

Go to www.engageme.net for more information on this project.

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More State Theatre - some info

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I loved the State Theatre so much I went home and on to Google to find out more. There is more info and pics at
http://www.statetheatre.com.au/about_history.html if you are really interested!

State Theatre is without doubt a truly magnificent and unique building.

Its importance has been recognised by The National Trust of Australia that has classified it as "a building of great historical significance and high architectural quality, the preservation of which is regarded as essential to our heritage".

The inspirational design of architect Henry White fuses eclectic elements of Gothic, Italian and Art deco design to produce an exquisite theatre, which can truly be described as a "Palace of Dreams".

The State Theatre palatial interiors feature artworks and fixtures of rare significance. The Dress Circle gallery houses artworks by significant Australian artists including William Dobell and Charles Wheeler whilst located in auditorium, the Koh-I-Nor cut crystal chandelier is the second largest on earth, weighing over four tonnes.


25th Aug 2005, 18:03   comments (3)

Buena Vista at Sydney State Theatre!

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What a great night! What great music that gets right into you. An overwhelming image of the three remaining "Grandfathers of Cuban Music" onstage in the spotlight at the close of the show. Thinking of you Edwina.
25th Aug 2005, 14:04   comments (0)

Detail of State Theatre Decor

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One of many beautiful panels and details in the State Theatre. Wasnt sure if I was allowed to take pics. so picked one with enough light to show up! You should see the rest of the place
"a glorious fantasy palace from the 1920s"
25th Aug 2005, 14:03   comments (0)

Meet the NAC man

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25th Aug 2005, 00:50   comments (0)


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The text generation grew up not remembering a time when the internet wasn't
connected. My son now counts his pocket money using his phone. Something is
definitely changing.
24th Aug 2005, 13:20   comments (0)


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He said that 'we wuz a craze mother f...in bunch ov maniak'. My mother who
turned 60 the day before asked me to mediate. Five months later we left the
courts with a restraining order. One year later he turned up in my class as
a student
24th Aug 2005, 13:05   comments (0)

Paper Post

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There is a definite sense of chaos about this place.........
24th Aug 2005, 07:46   comments (1)


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Central to where it is happening - Sydney is a busy place these days
24th Aug 2005, 07:38   comments (0)