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The Engageme project used moblogging to engage young people in e-learning - more aptly known as m-learning.

The Engageme project involved teachers and students from nine different institutes of TAFE NSW Australia and was funded by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

We hope you have enjoyed our learning journey.

Go to www.engageme.net for more information on this project.

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Call me

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1st Sep 2005, 06:49   comments (4)


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The only way I could get her to write anything was to engage her in
discussions about her phone. It was a shit fight trying to get anything else
to happen with a 15 year old extrovert with a severe dyslexia issue. A year
later I met her in town selling t-shirts for a charity. She had been riding
around Europe with her boyfriend for 8 months prior.
30th Aug 2005, 15:17   comments (0)

current rules

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What school hasn't banned phones?
30th Aug 2005, 15:13   comments (0)


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Bloody phone's gone bananas
29th Aug 2005, 05:46   comments (2)


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thats even worse damn it
29th Aug 2005, 05:43   comments (0)


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How the heck do you get this Nokia 6020 to resize the gd images to arrive on the moblog bigger that a thumb? It's starting to really poo me. Any ideas?
29th Aug 2005, 05:38   comments (2)


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A newcastle prawn sharing my view of newie. Me and the prawn are postulating on mobloggn. The prawn is obviously 'down' - sometimes seafood is the best way to raise the stakes
27th Aug 2005, 04:50   comments (1)


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26th Aug 2005, 05:32   comments (0)