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The Engageme project used moblogging to engage young people in e-learning - more aptly known as m-learning.

The Engageme project involved teachers and students from nine different institutes of TAFE NSW Australia and was funded by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

We hope you have enjoyed our learning journey.

Go to www.engageme.net for more information on this project.

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Parnngurr ( pronounced bung-or) is located 370 kilometres due east of Newman in Western Australia.

The community is located in the Great Sandy Desert at the southern end of Rudall River National Park.

Temperatures here regularly exceed 45 degrees during summer months.

There are 150 or so permanent residents here, a shop, and one school with three teachers.

To visit this schools prfile go to http://parnngurrschool.blogspot.com/
or if you would like to find out more about Independent Aboriginal Community Schools go to the mapsite at http://www.aics.wa.edu.au/content/theschools/map.asp

If you hover over the place names you can click on them and go there!

I'd be interested to get your comments back on what you think life is like there in Parnngurr. You may even want to post a comment in their blog or moblog !!!

Lachlan III

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Thoroughly into it by this photo!
17th Sep 2005, 05:50   comments (0)

Chocolate Eclairs!

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Great piece of artwork by one of the ArtStart program participants!
17th Sep 2005, 05:49   comments (0)


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If you enlarge this photo you will see an ipod in the girls hand. The ipod was used to interview people to be used in podcasts about the ArtStart programme.

Dont you just love the way the sun is shining on the ipod it makes it look futuristic!
17th Sep 2005, 05:45   comments (0)

Lachlan 1

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First shot of my friends son Lachlan at ArtStart event.
17th Sep 2005, 05:29   comments (0)

Lachlan II

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Starting to warm up!
17th Sep 2005, 05:28   comments (0)


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In the 16th century Europeans colonised South America. From Africa they brought slaves to work for them. These slaves were systematically mixed, so memories would fade. Yet the memory of old ways of combat they brought with them from Angola and other countries never died. In Brasil they were not allowed to fight or train, so they had to find a way to do that in secrecy. They disguised their combat techniques with a dance.
Capoeira is a cultural phenomenon that combines martial-arts, acrobatics, music, singing and dance. All these elements made capoeira to be what it is today, a challenging, diverse and beautifull cultural outlet. (from Capoeira.com)
17th Sep 2005, 05:26   comments (0)

Fun in Sydney

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These guys were great to watch, they were hot athletic young guys who were having a great time!
17th Sep 2005, 05:26   comments (0)