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Running a busy website like Moblog consumes electricity, and making electricity releases fossil carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, causing warming effects. Globally, data centres like the one our servers live in, are responsible for 0.3% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, and that figure is rising fast.

In order to try and offset our emissions, we are working with, one of the few offset enterprises endorsed by proper scientists (including Sir Nicholas Stern and James Lovelock). Moblog's donations have protected 1.5 acres of rainforest from destruction, which has prevented 390 tonnes of CO2 from being released. Our rough calculations suggest that's at least ten times more CO2 than is emitted in the process of making our electricity. You can find out more about why preserving the rainforest is so important on this page.

This is just the start for us, we hope in the future to take further steps to make moblogging even more friendly to the environment.

Our bit of forest is at the following location:

-5° 39' 29.22", -61° 29' 34.20"
and is shown on the map below.

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