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Originally from the UK, I am currently living with Spiderbaby in the sub-arctic city of Umeå in the north of Sweden.

Currently I am working part-time on a research project at Norrlands universitetssjukhus while studying Swedish. In addition I am trying to make my photography hobby pay by making some of my images available to buy from twenty20 or from me directly.

Interesting things I read recently:

"Only one in five people born [in the UK] since 1975 believes in God".
Source: Prof David Voas, University of Essex

"For every dollar invested in the Human Genome project, $141 was returned to the US economy". Francis Collins, NIH
Source: New Scientist 27 July 2013.

I am Pavlovs_dog on PSN and would be happy to link up with PS3-owning mobloggers : )

Too Much Information: The first album I ever bought was the Fraggle Rock soundtrack. Pretty cool, eh? I was only 16 : )

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Last shots from the Plant Cell Wall Gordon Conference 2009

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Top shot shows the make-shift after hours bar. Bryant university is supposed to be a dry campus! Try telling that to a couple of hundred biologists...

Middle shot is me and my two supervisors, who I thank for keeping me in food and shiny discs.

Bottom shot is of a group of post grad/doc delegates - it was great to meet you!
13th Aug 2009, 14:54   comments (8)

Taking a break

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12th Aug 2009, 14:48   | tags:,,comments (6)


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Came out cool though. Definitely the best one : )
12th Aug 2009, 14:26   comments (4)

Bryant University by day and night

12th Aug 2009, 14:03   | tags:,comments (0)

Bryant University

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A lovely campus. Clearly studying at a business school has its pleasures.
11th Aug 2009, 17:17   | tags:,,comments (4)

Busy as a bee at the Gordon Conference

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I recently attended a week long (!) conference on Plant Cell Walls. Fascinating though it was (and it was, especially the lignin groups who have splintered over an issue regarding the polymerization of the lignin monomers - there was blood on the walls after those talks), all conference attendees are forbidden to record seminars, photograph posters or discuss results outside of the conference. So no pictures of friends and co-workers standing next to posters.

These pictures are fairly planty, they should do instead.

Soundsessions in Providence

Went with Jessie to soundsessions, a free open-air music night on the streets of Providence. However, have just realised she managed to avoid being in any of my pictures!
12th Jul 2009, 21:58   | tags:,,,comments (4)

An artist and some local colour

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26th Jun 2009, 17:44   | tags:,,,,comments (4)