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Hello, I'm Seaneeboy. A 30 yr old Scot living in Leeds.
"Something'll come up... it always does..."
Nill illigitimi carborundum

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... the evening ended quite comically...

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I'll be as sick as a dog in the morning...
9th Oct 2005, 02:15   comments (3)

i'm in the pub with big dave

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May God have mercy on me.
8th Oct 2005, 21:28   comments (7)


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We - my team - are all in edinburgh for a big street collection this weekend... if you re any volunteers, give 'em a quid!

Morning honey!

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y'see, it's the honey... that i have... in the morning... y'see? see? Geddit? oh, suit yourself.
7th Oct 2005, 10:11   | tags:,,comments (1)


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One of our trustees retired yesterday, and got this amazing cake!
7th Oct 2005, 10:07   | tags:,,,comments (5)

My week away

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Well, the WNA Speach semmed to go very well, and I really gave it my all in the debates, but for some reason I didn't quite make the grade enough to get an award, which left me a bit grumpy on the last night
(Which I feel really guilty about - it would seem one of the things I found out this week is that I'm not a very good loser. damn)

Apart from that It's been a right old odd week, but really enjoyable - the
theory being you don't have to be a geek or uncool to get involved in

Overall, glad I did it, but wish I hadn't gotten my hopes up as
much as I did.There'll be a blog for all the piccies from all the delegates here:


Wedding Cake Taster

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The man from Del Seanee say "Yum!"

The Epic Journey

A few pics from my 7 hour journey home on saturday. Ouch.The "Daily echo" pic reminded me of that old joke "Hello, I'm from the daily
echo!" "The daily echo?" "The Daily Echo!"
3rd Oct 2005, 10:24   comments (0)