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Hello, I'm Seaneeboy. A 30 yr old Scot living in Leeds.
"Something'll come up... it always does..."
Nill illigitimi carborundum

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Stove's back on

(viewed 1350 times)
'Cos it's gone cold!
10th Nov 2005, 12:48   | tags:,,comments (6)


(viewed 1008 times)
Ooh, Havn't egoblogged for a while :D

Bought my Poppy today, made me think of My Grandad (clicky). He died about fifteen years ago, and in all that time I've not read the book about him - but it's meant to be delivered in a couple of weeks.

I think he'd have liked Jo.

Oh FFS...

(viewed 872 times)
Just outside kings cross, manage to get delayed. so close, yet so far.
9th Nov 2005, 09:11   | tags:,,comments (3)

Stone roses tribute

(viewed 1109 times)
Well, kinda. got this lemon from Tesco, all thick skin (are they taking the pith? hehe) and brown in the middle. rubbish. this is why i usually get it all from the markets!
9th Nov 2005, 06:59   | tags:,,,comments (5)

Last hallowe'en pic

(viewed 851 times)
8th Nov 2005, 10:54   | tags:,,,comments (0)

Great Big Woofer

(viewed 1449 times)
Off to NAAAAAARCH for the weekend, sorry to miss out on about a million moblog social offers, have a blast one and all! though not a literal one. follow the fireworks code.
4th Nov 2005, 20:31   | tags:,comments (7)

Turin Brakes Last Night

(viewed 1687 times)
Really really nice gig. Nice songs, Nice People, Just Nice!
3rd Nov 2005, 21:14   | tags:,,,comments (3)

Sucky sucky train

(viewed 834 times)
The driver is still investigating the fault. This is the last thing i need... GAH!
3rd Nov 2005, 10:58   comments (10)