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Hello, I'm Seaneeboy. A 30 yr old Scot living in Leeds.
"Something'll come up... it always does..."
Nill illigitimi carborundum

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(viewed 641 times)
Stage 1, haircut!

8th Nov 2004, 16:20   comments (4)

All teh tramp

(viewed 789 times)
Today i look like a tramp, my hair will not behave, i'm in my most 'relaxed'
clothes... And i've just remembered i've got a presentation this evening. Eesh.
8th Nov 2004, 11:13   comments (8)

Freaky statues

(viewed 778 times)
My grandma got us these statues. They scare...

6th Nov 2004, 17:16   comments (0)

Fireworks night

Hyde park bonfire night! Brill!

5th Nov 2004, 20:09   comments (3)

Pumpkin carving

(viewed 694 times)
1. Mine and jo's pumpkin!
2. Anna and kat (my sisters) pumpkin!
3. Both together

30th Oct 2004, 19:45   comments (0)

Halloween Preperations

(viewed 713 times)
I got me two mighty pumpkins... For carving! I love halloween!

Hmn - blogged this on wednesday. gave up and resent today (friday). Bloody phones.
29th Oct 2004, 15:52   comments (3)

John Peel

(viewed 961 times)
Yeah, I know, Everyone on Moblog has posted their own tribute to the great man,
but the man was a legend to me and I wanted to note it on my page.

When I lived in Glasgow I was in a band called Peptone. John played our records
from time to time, and even wrote us a letter saying how much he liked our
music. They were great times, and that letter meant more than any other review.

Thanks John, RIP.
26th Oct 2004, 15:40   comments (9)

Blog of the beast

(viewed 675 times)

24th Oct 2004, 09:55   comments (0)