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new glasses - the saga continues..

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So, I thought, seeing as it's been some 20 days since my last attempt to buy new glasses, I'll phone the opticians and see what's what. What, it turns out, is that they didn't bother actually placing the order two weeks ago. That's right. They didn't place the order with Oakley, so of course my glasses aren't ready, because nobody had been asked to make them.

I was briefly speechless. Then I was very much speechful. There were questions, both rhetorical and otherwise, and there was shouting. Then there was a 50% refund. Some guy claiming to be the store manager said that they couldn't do that, but I really wasn't in the mood for people telling me what I could and couldn't do. I know for a fact that their PDQ machines can do refunds without customer present, so I made them do it while I was on the phone - seeing as I can't trust them to do anything when I'm not on the phone.

I have cost Vision Express well over a thousand pounds in the last three months. They don't make anything on the Oakleys anyway, and I'm now on my third pair. To be fair, if they hadn't screwed up so much, I'd have gone away happy and in focus - by the middle of august.

Good customer service isn't hard. It really isn't. I know. I've done it. What bothers me is, how come so few companies manage it? Howies, Smile, Wilkinsons (my local tea shop), Jarrolds, er, that's it. Even basic competency is almost too much to expect these days.

I must admit, I rather like this photo though.
24th Oct 2007, 14:45   | tags:comments (19)


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I always get the red form.
18th Oct 2007, 17:13   comments (13)

technical clothing

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my physio suggested I try a compression shirt to help support my hypomobile back/shoulders/arms. Actual compression shirts are some sixty quid each and come in polyester, polyester or polyester. My skin doesn't like me wearing plastic, so I picked up this cotton/lycra wicking base layer instead. It's still providing compression support, but it was only 25 notes and doesn't make my skin crawl.

Also features natty arm stripes for extra street cred.
18th Oct 2007, 17:03   | tags:comments (6)

I can see those fighter planes

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Across the Old Post Office, where I doubt anyone is asleep at this time.
17th Oct 2007, 11:27   comments (1)

dirty mac

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fnarr fnarr.
16th Oct 2007, 10:33   comments (3)

let them lie

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15th Oct 2007, 17:45   | tags:,comments (2)

workin' at the dogwash

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he looks so tiny when he's wet..
15th Oct 2007, 10:54   | tags:,,comments (10)

macos/linux blargh

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So, I installed linux on my iBook. Went swimmingly. Sound, GL desktop, networking, bluetooth, etc - everything perfect and running fast as you like - snappy, even, for a G3-800 (with the single exception of g/qsynaptics not working quite right - although the touchpad still worked fine, I couldn't do fancy multitouch/scroll stuff)

Until. I need Skype, because just about everyone I know insists on using it despite it being proprietry, and shit. No PPC-Linux build of skype available. Force-architecture install doesn't work. Bugger.

So, am now back on OSX, back to swearing at my file manager 'cos it won't do even the most basic things. ffs.
8th Oct 2007, 16:29   comments (13)