Birth, Death and Underwear

by ladislav

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Things. Stuff.

I also have some higher-res photos here, taken with a real digital camera :)

Hypothetical: Like a virtual pub!

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Vibrator advert

(viewed 945 times)
Do you have these down south?
6th Jul 2005, 02:16   comments (9)

Poi in a tree

(viewed 557 times)
3rd Jul 2005, 18:26   comments (0)

The revolutionary Balloon-Spoon

(viewed 702 times)
2nd Jul 2005, 14:05   comments (2)


(viewed 534 times)
1st Jul 2005, 17:25   comments (0)

Chav my motor

(viewed 1990 times)
30th Jun 2005, 19:49   comments (17)

Watashi-no Totoro

(viewed 827 times)

Now I need a cocktail umbrella for him.

[After various technical cockups on my part, this is at least my fourth
attempt to upload this image. I hope it was worth it... and the
"cocktail umbrella" joke gets weaker every time. I still love that
scene, though]

Many thanks to Afternoon and Mat for their help in getting this uploaded.

Edit: watched the film again last night. The umbrella scene just gets better every time.

*Hums theme tune*

The complete works of Miyazaki!

(viewed 659 times)
... and a Totoro plushie, and (best of all?) four square feet of bubble-wrap!
29th Jun 2005, 14:52   comments (2)

A parcel! From China!

(viewed 635 times)
29th Jun 2005, 14:37   comments (8)