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Borderlands 2 Diorama - The Wizard of Oz

Right now, I am really into re-imagining computer game worlds in terms of
other worlds and creating miniature dioramas around them using basically
any cool minis I can find. It's a kinda elseworlds type concept, as in the
comics, where Batman fought Judge Dredd and that kind of thing. I'm also
aiming to make pieces that work as standalone 'art' too where the viewer
doesn't need to know anything about the original computer game or the
universe of the minis used. So, normally there is a kind of meta story
going on that is easy to identify with, but if you know about the other
stuff then you can kinda divine your own folklore within a folklore.

If I had a lofty ideal for what the idea is, I guess the theme would be
that good stories are more or less recognizable in any universe and that
all the good stories are a re-imagining of the same story from another
tradition. But that's more of a poncey excuse really - I just like painting
minis as it gets me away from the computer and uses my hands and also I
just like miniature art in general, whether that's train sets or architect
concepts or games workshop minis.

I've started working on a miniature diorama inspired by Borderlands 2 -
possibly my favorite game ever. I love the pace of the gameplay but in
particular I love the Apocalyptic Steampunk universe and the way there are
just so many locations to visit.

The concept for this diorama is that it's set in a new Borderland called Oz
and this warband of 4 is essentially Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, the Lion
and the Wizard. The Wizard in this case is a just a Mechromancer who made
his base out of a vehicle wreckage and projects a giant ghost from a
industrial strength Holo Projector to keep would be cretins out of his
little part of the Borderlands.

In my head Dorothy is a Mechromancer with Tin Man as her ally, Scarecrow is
a cretin who along for the ride (possibly a gunzerker) and the Lion is a
commando class ponce.
13th Dec 2012, 18:40   comments (0)

Dragon fish

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These fish really look like they have Chinese symbol tattoos.
30th Sep 2012, 22:55   comments (1)

As mad as a box of frogs

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30th Sep 2012, 22:51   comments (2)

It's scary out there!

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Thank god there is a tear off sword on the fridge of the techCrunch offices...
14th Sep 2012, 18:40   comments (2)

Zapped 1048 calories to send me back to 1998

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Zapped 1048 calories to send me back to 1998 when a nice couple whom I met
on the Greyhound bus gave me a place to crash for the night and showed me
this place for the first time. Talked about Jack Kerouac and The Beats and
how California is on a fault line. Bought Howl by Allen Ginsberg and still
don't really get it. Kindness of strangers... not been here since I was 18.

Woke up with the vision to see this place again. Lacked the will this
morning after various irritating setbacks and anxiety over annoying
commitments. But despondence can be a driver to forget your duties and
follow your nose instead. Was worth the 7 mile run.
10th Sep 2012, 05:08   comments (2)

946 calories died to bring you this information

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My Heart whispers Lies to me Everyday, so it must be punished, but I shall make Beauty the reward for Endurance.
10th Sep 2012, 01:13   comments (2)

Gotta share here...

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My 'work' site won GOLD in for best redesign.

I have to post on my personal blog thought just because of the oddness of
my weekly Horoscope. Yes, i secretly look at the things (i blame my
heritage http://moblog.net/view/837799/rural-legend) and FreeWillAstrology
is the best of them all.

Anyway, it said:

"My daughter Zoe has been writing some fine poetry these last few years. I
regard it as professional-grade stuff that has been born of natural talent
and developed through discipline and hard work. You might ask, quite
reasonably, whether my evaluation of her literary output is skewed by
fatherly pride. I've considered that possibility. But recently, my opinion
got unbiased corroboration when her school awarded her with the
"All-College Honor" for her poetry manuscript. I predict you will soon have
a comparable experience. Your views or theories will be confirmed by an
independent and objective source."

I read it at lunchtime today and was wondering how that could possibly
'come true'. And then this happened. It's just a cute coincidence really
but I likes it.
30th Jul 2012, 23:11   comments (2)


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