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Street Preaching Counsel

(viewed 2507 times)
Charming story of how he got into street preaching and answers
some tricky questions. What i never get about street preachers of all faiths is that they all believe there religion is the ultimate but invariably take a highly enlightened view towards all other spiritual believers and often they seem to share a common enemy. Why don't we team up? Why is there not a representative body for spiritual beliefs in general? All spiritual people tend to share the same core values and are at peace with one another- they just become devils for the details! So why can't we all represent each other to each other? Like a council, that looks after how each religion is
represented by and to others and looks for points of mutual ethos. And seeks to
educate each other inside a greater conscious-loving soul, rather than replay the
eternal soul-struggle for god?

Interview with a mountebank

(viewed 1850 times)
I think anyone who's willing to give up his days and evenings to save
my ass has got to be worth talking to. Ultimately I've got lots of
respect for these guys becuase, one way or another they're doing what they believe in.
I'm not saying we should copy them necessarily, but If there was
something I really wanted to do and believed would make a difference to the world, i'd like to believe i'd do it.

Ben, passion and faith

(viewed 1731 times)
Trained by Phil, Ben is clearly a novice, but what he lacks in rhyme and patter (phil is arhythm saint) he makes up for in brute commitment and directness of message. A very nice friendly guy, believe it or not.

Phil, an absolute blessing

(viewed 1687 times)
Think what you like, but this man makes my day everytime i see him.
The guy has got character and courage of conviction. It might seem
like he's preaching hell and damnation, but the dude never stops
smiling, is really present and alert to the world around him, and if
you listen to what he says there's not a trace of hatred.Remember guys, don't be a sinner, be a winner. :-)

(shame the sound quality is so shite)

A toast!

(viewed 727 times)
Saved a seat for you em :-)

(And a big congratulations to dinusha and danny!)
15th Mar 2006, 00:12   comments (0)

Happy birthday dad!

(viewed 697 times)
LOL, Ha ha! I know you hate this but had to post it cos it's usually
mum that comes out with the half closed eyes!
15th Mar 2006, 00:11   comments (1)

Accountancy Age Re-Brand

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Wednesday saw the party for the re-branding of Accountancy Age and Computing magazines.

Which included a total overhaul of their respective job boards which I consulted on. Wish i could do a before and after shot! But the long and the short is that I think we're all very happy with the results.

Accountancy Age Jobs
Computing Careers

And the party was awesome! Free bar was my nemesis tho (well ok my lust for beer). Passed out on the night bus and found myself in the middle of nowhere. Left at 1am (at least i think i did :-) but didn't make it home till 4.
3rd Mar 2006, 08:50   comments (0)

Love IS all around

Lots of people reading the precious! :-P