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i am a geek child with a hairy man face

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saturday skies

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i tried sending these to the skies moblog but it didn't work :(
11th Oct 2006, 16:27   comments (0)

check out jan's lens cap

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9th Oct 2006, 13:38   comments (0)

all hands on deck

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a familiar sight for commuters in foggy london town

a bunch of short-tempered grumpy people!
9th Oct 2006, 13:36   comments (1)

the hat comes back..

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we went to this AWESOME burlesque night in bethnal green on friday so we decided to wear hats. my one made my dancing about 31% better. it's science.
9th Oct 2006, 09:13   comments (3)

fire in cairo

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...at the bar academy in islington last night.

darren (bassist, on the right) is a top bloke and keen daddy long legs fan.

his band dress sharp, play hard and know how to harmonise...


needles to say, they are on myspaz
6th Oct 2006, 09:51   | tags:comments (0)

tea tastes better from a pink cup

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it does you know.
5th Oct 2006, 12:58   comments (5)


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5th Oct 2006, 10:59   | tags:comments (8)

al's kitchen

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we're planning something in here...

something daddy long legs related
5th Oct 2006, 09:37   comments (9)