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Yes, yes people I have emerged from my self realised obscurity to bestow knowledge on all headz. Used ta be out and about now strictly lying low dispensing wisdom.
Too much going down to stay quiet, now all of us have to rise up and speak truth to power.

There has to be more to us than dhal roti and Nokia phones...



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Day trip to da Big Smoke

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Me and the family decided to go down to London
for the day by train. Marylebone closed so had
to go Paddington Station which is huge and impressive.

Love buildings where the old signs have been
uncovered. This is near Parliament Hills side

Went down to Hampstead Heath to check out the
Big table /chair thing which did nuthin' for me.Finally
found an enigmatic poem by an Iranian writer Parvis
Owsia on a park bench. Not what I was thinking of
finding in NW3.
11th Oct 2005, 01:00   | tags:comments (2)

Friendly pressure

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Love this time of year. Lads are fasting and I think
the food/cig/spliff deprivation gets to them and they
get funny in da head. All kinds of mans get silly and
start jumping students, throwing eggs and fireworks
into shops and being abusive. It's hard enough just
being who u are sometimes so submitting to da
stereotype and acting da thug jus' makes things
crazy at a street level. Boys get all pumped up & want
to show off and up the ante and thats where da
weapons come in. Nice little pic of a weapons haul
seized by local Police officers off school kids - this is
what they were bringing into school to settle some
scores. Now I don't just blame young people 'cos
that is too easy (leave that for politicians). These
guys get weapons off older people in the community
- their Uncles, older brothers, a lot of da time old family
feuds are taken up by kids who don't even know why
they've got a beef with number 23 Dogshit Avenue.
Many of them have learned to fight because they don't
know how to negotiate their way out of situations or
even their own lives. Meanwhile the prisons get full
of our young people and I do more court references
then job references. Between 1993 and 2003 the
non-white prison population in da UK jumped from
16% to 25%. We're only 6% of the total population.

You work it out.
8th Oct 2005, 02:20   | tags:,comments (1)

Inspired in Istanbul

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Visited Istanbul earlier this year with my Pops. Fav
photo taken with my trusted Casio (they don't jus'
make calculators y'know) inside the Suleiman Mosque.
All this bizznis at the mo about allowing Turkey in the
EU makes me laff as it shows up some politicians -
and I say some as there are those who do support
them being part of the EU, as being narrow minded
xenophobes.Turkey is cool - a place where you can be
Secular and Muslim, where young women with headscarfs
walk around with fags in their mouths. Talking of which,
this is a pic of my Dad in a teahouse in Istanbul having
a sneaky one. Top city and recommend to all.
2nd Oct 2005, 13:24   | tags:,comments (4)

Rewind 05

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October is Black History month which celebrates the
achievements of Asian & African Caribbean communities
and their role in the history of this country. As a writer I
have been working with young people from local schools
to write a production - 'REWIND' is the result of this and
it is the second year that it has been put on.

Big shout out to Ali Akram whos one of my lads who
did really well and played Gandhi ( as well as other parts)
and to all the young people who took part. He's only just
started to act and its important that we give ghetto youts
opportunities otherwise in this town they end up in prison
or shot up.

A plaque to commemorate the first Curry house in
London set up in 1810 nearly 200 hundred years ago.
Important to recognise the longevity of our communities.
Our presence is not a new thing and our contributions
rarely acknowledged.

Check dis out:

2nd Oct 2005, 12:38   | tags:comments (1)

New Labour, Old violence

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Oh man this is sick. Looks like the New Labour
project cannot handle any kind of dissent esp
when it comes from a 82 year old who's been a
member of the party for more then fifty years
and came here as a refugee fron Nazi Germany.

Worst thing is that this level of violence is
meted out to refugees on a daily basis by private security
companies and we never see it. People are held
in hellholes like Yarls Wood Immigration detention
Centre and brutalised - children separated from parents
and immigration 'prisoners' taking their own lives.We
hold people who have committed no crime in Secure
Units till they are deported back to war torn places they
have come from. We go to places like Iraq to fight for
freedom whilst we deny basic democratic privileges to
people in this country, even the right of dissent. I recieved
a email today from a campaigner in Scotland Robina
Qureshi who told me of the deportation of a 13yr old
Albanian girl Saida (pictured) and her family at 4am
this morning, she wrote:

"I am disgusted by this calculated, unremitting barbarity
known as the UK asylum & immigration policy. I feel
ashamed of this country, that shame knows no depths,
this calculated, unremitting barbarism that has broken
that little girl's heart will haunt this country for generations
to come. I cannot express enough how disgusted and
heartbroken I am for Saida Vucaj and her family,and all
the other families waiting years and years and then
suddenly picked up Nazi style to be deported. "

Nuff said

/> here

Kebabs & Beards

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My local eats. Loads of fried food and kebabs done
apna style. Not too bad and it ain't killed me yet.
As someone recently wrote kebab shops are the
crucibles of human instability so you might get the
odd dodgy type, but in Blair's Britain this place is
a melting pot of all faiths and creeds just trying
to get their fat fix. Shami, the owner is a good bloke too.

Yea I know I don't look 2 pretty but I stopped shaving
for a bit. I'm quite hairy so it don't take long for me to
get a growth. Why I'm sharing this with you all I don't
know... Currently reading some Murakami, a book
on Sufism and the Porridge scripts (classic)
26th Sep 2005, 01:00   | tags:,comments (13)

Chairboys lose in style

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It's not every day Villa come to town so me and the
gang went down to see a epic game with 11 goals.
Unfortunately Wycombe lost 3-8 after leading 3-1 at
half-time! Brilliant game shit result. Ground is 20
minute walk from my house .Glad 2 see a few more
ethnics in the crowd. Kinda get paro in da stadium.
Lucky enough to play here a few months back
as part of a charity match against the cops

21st Sep 2005, 00:37   | tags:comments (3)

Return of Rambo

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Wycombe's getting a brand new shopping centre. More low paid jobs for local low life and security chasing young people out. Can't wait... In the mean time me and my son Amar found this old image behind the old Iceland store. Either didn't notice it b4 or there was a wall covering it which got demolished.
20th Sep 2005, 00:28   | tags:comments (0)