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what goes in my ears?
see hears. (my audioscrobbler page)

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21st Aug 2005, 19:55   comments (0)

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low light, old digicam, attempting to make people visible
21st Aug 2005, 19:46   comments (3)


(not quite the same. but, I had to.)
lots of sun.Had a really lovely time chatting with Joe, Shoes, Steve, Helen, and Beth.
Was quite sad about Steve having to leave early and really wanted to
walk with him and Helen to the station. Couldn't really do that,
though. If someone'd shown up while I'd been gone, I'd have felt bad
as well. social etiquette is rotting in the back of my skull
somewhere.Helen was feeling a bit stood up, and I agreed, but, better late than
never, others did in fact show up. : )
21st Aug 2005, 19:37   comments (2)


like i said...
entirely too long.
I almost missed my train.
nice train ride, (though I think I spent it thinking about the fact
I'd just had an allergic reaction to some face soap, my face had
already broken out due to stress/etc. I hadn't had time to brush my
hair, and, running to catch the train probably had done negative to
improve on that. thankfully, I realized none of that really mattered,
and, that i shouldn't put a paper bag on my head to avoid being
photographed. I like having photos of people, even when they (always
wrongfully) feel camera-shy for reasons like those.)
21st Aug 2005, 18:39   comments (0)


night before
laundry meant staying up late
the next morning, i spent entirely too long playing with a bottle of
21st Aug 2005, 18:30   comments (1)


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20th Aug 2005, 21:08   comments (6)


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The (confusingly at first) american-british sounding Ninjacodemonkey.

Also, I got to meet and chat a little with Crickson, and his wonderful girl, Ann.
20th Aug 2005, 20:20   comments (0)


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20th Aug 2005, 19:20   comments (2)