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I think I maybe did some worthwhile stuff today, but, I can't seem to
get the scanner happy with my brothers laptop, so, I don't have any
other (much needed) opinions, so, i don't know.
will scan image tomorrow if i can.
very tierd. very achey. hoping sleep doesn't toy with me tonight, and
that my shuffle doesn't die around 4am again.
24th Aug 2005, 01:39   comments (2)

my lck, r lck thrf

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on jam, this morning.
made lunch. aaron left sodas here. I like how , after telling someone
to be careful with sharp things, I split my finger on a cardboard box
. and it splattered, too. : X
not worth it, if it's not going to make me a stealthy ninja.
23rd Aug 2005, 18:04   comments (5)

spdr wb bv my bd

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23rd Aug 2005, 13:09   comments (0)

dl stndrd

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and, yes, I'm going back to bed now.
( 5 hours didn't feel like enough, today. so, I'll probably get 5
more. and then I'll feel tired for oversleeping. I know this, yet, I
am to do it anyway. why? because bed = fluffy + warm - bad = better
than looking at that xml I was working on last night.)
23rd Aug 2005, 07:19   comments (1)

skltn n bth

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23rd Aug 2005, 07:14   comments (0)


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23rd Aug 2005, 07:12   comments (0)

stll blnk

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22nd Aug 2005, 23:45   comments (4)