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what goes in my ears?
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i like these two a lot. (bottom one a bit more. because i'm a sucker
for ugly colors.)
29th Aug 2005, 19:51   comments (0)

yrkshr r msm

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this is me trying to upload everything as fast as possible, so i can
get back to uploading my normal krud phone pics. sorrry. : )
29th Aug 2005, 19:43   comments (0)

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I'm on a temporary dial up connection because net service is down, and
it's a bank holiday.
29th Aug 2005, 19:36   comments (0)

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29th Aug 2005, 02:56   comments (2)

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29th Aug 2005, 02:43   comments (0)

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would you believe that I was there for four hours, took two full rolls
of film, and, I didn't see the whole museum? or get to go in the gift
yeah. would go back out there if i could.
maybe next year. maybe sooner, who knows.on one hand, i want to say I'm spoiled, with travel. (but if you work
very hard for something, it's not being spoiled by. granted. i didn't
work at all for this trip. appropriately, it's been, well. yeah. not
the place for getting into that.)
on the other. everyone knows the phrase about grass being greener.
I decided to post more of these tonight. (no one will see them anyway.
it's like, stealth uploading. )
29th Aug 2005, 02:37   comments (1)

yrkshr r msm (ghsts n yr mmry)

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yes, I took this shot (not identical, completely), on my phone, on my
digital camera, and with film.
yes, I'm probably nuts.and, yes, I still have a few more. no one else online, though, and, I
don't feel great. (I think it's the idea of having to pack back up,
and more so, carry, all this crap through i don't know how many
bus/tube/train rides. I'm half considering leaving my drawing pad
here. I may be able to kill the bag i checked if i don't take the art
stuff back with me. (see, I only had to bring the checked bag cause
my dad wanted me to bring over stuff for him, and then i shoved a pair
of jeans and a sweater in with it, and an over sized drawing pad of
all I know, is that, everything hurts just thinking about it. (and
I'm a little scared because my back did this serious nerve-pinch thing
that made me practically fall to my knees, earlier. I know it's just
built up stress and the fact my body is having to deal with more
weight than it should, but, woo, it's not cool to have your spine just
seemingly stop working. about the weight, i'm officially the heaviest
I've ever been in my life. (er, that's technical weight, not
height/proportion I was certainly chunkier as a kid.) woo hoo for
cheap pasta! blagh. )
29th Aug 2005, 02:18   comments (0)

yrkshr r msm

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29th Aug 2005, 01:56   comments (1)