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lxs lnn wgnr lvs vwls. rlly.


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3rd Sep 2005, 20:37   comments (1)

nd thn rlzd t's nt hme.

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and now, I expect to sleep for a day or three. (gnight!)
3rd Sep 2005, 09:06   comments (1)


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and then, tube back to highgate, where i got the last bus to where i
was staying.
that didn't have the viscosity of ketchup, but, i like to think that's
what it was.oh, yes, I laughed quite a bit changing trains at finsbury park- to
get to gatwick by way of vic. station, about 7 hours after having left
there, by the way.
3rd Sep 2005, 08:33   comments (2)


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(I got to spend an afternoon with Steve, and, because he pulled out
his camera first, I didn't feel too bad about taking a few pictures
with my non-built-into-mobile-camera. : )
3rd Sep 2005, 08:24   comments (1)


dog on train to london! aw. to meet more nice london folks, and I'm sorry these're not expert
pictures of them. I'm particularly bad about last-minute camera-phone
shots of people.
but, wanted to post them anyway so I don't lose them. It was really
nice meeting everyone. I think I was kindof a little off, due to being
stressed about flight stuff/ impending america doom, so I feel quite
bad about that.
3rd Sep 2005, 08:15   comments (2)


I had so much to say relating to all of these pictures.I want to think that, it's because I've been up for over 50 hours with
no more than a few hours of napping, that I can't.but I'm pretty sure it's not.
maybe I will sleep and then wake up feeling as opitimistic as I
usually am to others.
that would be swell.5th image is the comfy jeans and sweater I wanted to wear, but, didn't
for fear of airport security giving me 10x hassle for looking like a
hobo/ wearing bad/second hand (er, probably more like 10th) clothing/
blah blah blah.
3rd Sep 2005, 07:49   comments (4)

S lng, nd thnks fr ll th fsh . (nd chps)

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2nd Sep 2005, 10:35   comments (9)


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got into london, while my friend was shuffling stuff around. took tube
to east finchley. called friend. turns out he was downtown/ near kings
cross, where i'd come from.took bus almost to his place, but got off
early at f---something with a "s", "t", and an "r"? in it - green,
because it looked like a street that might have a vafe on it that i
could sit at for a while. walked to princess st. (?) and f?????
green, there was a little corner park. with a bench. so I sat.
and was muchly annoyed at my lack of obtaining cell phone numbers from peoples.
it was nice to sit, though.
kindof a wasted day-pass. but, I wasn't about to go too far with three
(argh) bags.also, my friend is sick . : ( so there was no quality hanging out,
though,I do like just being around him. he's good people. I'm a little
worried because, I can't tell if it's that he's sick, or, something
else, but, he just doesn't seem well/ happy.
and that bothers me. (i want to fix it.) I'm also not sure if I'm a
pest, or, not spent enough time with him. I was pretty sure about it
being the latter, but, self doubting is the easiest kind.I can't really update my normal journal because i don't want to
download an ftp client to upload my usual textfile to server, so, i
had to upload a crap image. er. no, I Wanted to.
and I'm not even going to spell check this, or give it a simple
read-over, because I'm a jerk : (speaking of...
I have a bag of beef jerky. (what do I do with it?)
also, I've just changed my email to my cell txt address.
so, hopefully, anyone needing my number can get ahold of me that way.
(by leaving a comment/ hitting "contact user". I know this would work
with my mobile account in the states. not sure about it, here. )
teflon- sorry I spaced off geting a number from you before i left.
hope moving stuff is going okay.

edit at 12:43: I forgot music-player in york. younger sibling will bring it with him for plane ride, however, this means, falling asleep = ... well. yeah. it's going to be interesting.

edit again (thursday morning) : nope, the whole email to txt thing doesn't work out.
31st Aug 2005, 23:42   comments (5)