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lxs lnn wgnr lvs vwls. rlly.


what goes in my ears?
see hears. (my audioscrobbler page)

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'cause i ate them all.
5th Sep 2005, 21:08   comments (0)

dth n drss

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yeah, so, did I mention that I really liked the yorkshire air museum?
5th Sep 2005, 20:48   comments (2)


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spinach, potato, cornflake chicken.
best of all. I didn't have to make it.
5th Sep 2005, 04:46   comments (8)

pn fc sndwch

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not a salad.

heel of sourdough bread, dry mozerella, pickles (oh good lord, whoever said pickles= gherkins needs a bashing upside the skull. very, very different. one = soaked in yummy garlicy spices, the other tastes like sick that's been fermenting for a... oh, you know, maybe it was just the ones that i tried, that were bad.), spices, and bagged salad mix on top.
4th Sep 2005, 23:13   comments (0)


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wwwwooooooo. now, that. was a haircut.

and i don't know what that is. or was. but it sure isn't happy / has been overwatered-undersuned, and probably not enough space/nutrition in that little box.
4th Sep 2005, 21:15   comments (4)

gdmrnng snshne

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- slept 1something am, 'till 6:20 am or so. yeah. I don't admit it has
anything to do with jet lag, because, it wasn't a single flight, it
was three, and, i was just awake entirely too long to not pass out/
get back on a regular schedule. although, my regular wasn't ever
regular. i am going to try and figure out what it is exactly that
causes the bags under my eyes, though, and fix that.
- eghhhhhh...
-okay, that's equally bad, in a different direction. but, i'd rather
go with something that has some texture to it, so, this it is.
- Oh, man, am I classy or what? (what.) (diet coke is to make the
headache go away. all the caffeine, no preparation time, and none of
that sugar that'd coat my teeth in grossness. I don't drink sugar-soda
much. It's like burgers, you can get one anywhere, so, I tend not to
bother, unless it's homemade/special/unusual. and then there is
fake-bacon. not something i usually eat, but, no eggs/protein sorts of
things other than this in the fridge.)
4th Sep 2005, 15:11   comments (1)

bcse t's s mch sr t gnr my hrt

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anyone use a sony ericsson t610 / 616 / 618 ?
4th Sep 2005, 08:50   comments (3)

s typcl, tht 'd wnt t shr thngs lk ths, wth y

(viewed 515 times)
4th Sep 2005, 00:10   comments (0)