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one of the boxes extracted from garage was full of travel books.
and somehow, more of my bradbury books. that part was a really nice surprise.

spent the full 8+ hour day making room in garage with my mad organizational skills. (I cleared a spot the size of a large car, to use as office/ workroom for aaron and I )
then spent some of the evening folding/ rolling/ and putting a nice ribbon on half the shirts.

I slept later this morning than i have since i got back from the UK, I was really, exhausted.
you can tell you had a long day of hard dirty work , when your snot is black, by the way.
also, I think I'm sick now. wooo. I probably should have worn some kind of a dust mask.
18th Sep 2005, 20:24   comments (1)


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box of posters/ wallscrolls. some even with packaging. bleh.

backup reel.biggest 1.16 meg EVER. er. okay, maybe not, but, biggest one i've handled.
18th Sep 2005, 03:14   comments (1)


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I kinda sorta knew how to fold paper, once.
17th Sep 2005, 23:14   comments (4)


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thought everyone was asleep. (and I have a bad tendancy to just stay logged on)
and also, that I wouldn't make a post at all today.

(so, if anyone used to watch Sesame Street,
this post brought to you by the letter Joe : )
17th Sep 2005, 05:56   comments (2)


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few things still on my phone from yesterday. figure that about covers it for "photos of my eyes so i can see what they were like if i ever lose them" (get it? ha ha)

the school got new, bigger flags. I think the state flag is a little larger, or, okay, I know it's the same size, I'm sure, but it always looks larger, to me. and I like that.

oh, and, the power-out fried my (on a surge protector and UPS, that both failed...) computer.
but, I think I'll probably be on the site a bit less even without that issue. er, I already am on less. and that makes me sad. not a lot i can do about hands/ school/etc. though. and when I am home, it's sleepy time for everyone else.
(I can probably have a frankencomputer by next week, if i try really hard and take apart all the spares, here, but, it's a lot of work to get those dang rev a and b early imacs open. and, well, using the shared computer is easy.)
hey, guess what i just admitted, I miss being in england because I'm not in the same timezone as everyone else anymore. boo. (and classes conflict with my previous sleep/lack of sleep sched. )
that's life, though.

I have a lot of other things I'd normally write about, but, doesn't seem like the time or place, anymore.

also, I somehow lost my taste for diet coke. (I liked the taste of it better than regular. regular = too sweet for me. and makes teeth feel gross.)
this means, I am in trouble. because I don't have the time to make a cup of anything in the morning. so, i start getting up earlier, i make a trip to little tokyo and pick up some more black black, buying a bottle of pills is out of the equation, unless it's cheaper per mg of caffeine than what I'd get in coffee. which it quite likely is. yuck. no. bad idea.
soda better.

most importantly, does anyone play MTG?
16th Sep 2005, 01:53   comments (5)


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Wasn't quite fast enough to finish and print this tonight.
15th Sep 2005, 04:50   comments (2)

t's lwys lng stry

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14th Sep 2005, 22:48   comments (3)


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I updated rawrghlflarghl again...
really not sure what to do about it. need very badly to get act together and make good on my once every month promise of a new picture there.
I skipped three or so, but, I'm going to try and post enough new stuff there to make up for it.

I need to get inspired about a lot of things, quick.tomorrow I need to carve a linolium block.
I have an in class essay on thursday. I am afraid to an extent I can't explain, that my hands will crap out after a few paragraphs. (because even thought my hands are kinda sorta okay now, I'll be doing over 4 hours on that block tomorrow.)

I'm thinking about hitting the big pilot eject button on my english class, because of the required writing. but i need the class. i'll enjoy the class . and. well.
and now I'm going to sleep. because it's midnight here.
14th Sep 2005, 07:22   comments (7)