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mmmm, pwdry gdnss

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yes, but, does your breakfast come powdered, in a nice little package?

(talked a bit to a friend of mine, who has made omelettes for dinner almost every night, the past few weeks, perfecting his breakfast skills so he can cook for his girlfriend, and oh god did my stomach get mad. really. it punched me a few times and then was like "WHAT HAPPENED TO FOOD THAT TASTES GOOD?! YOU BASTARD!!" I told it I was sorry and it calmed down.)

also, I feel *sick. too sick to go to class. I don't lie.

*sick means heavy with self disappointment and loathing.
in other words- I didn't finish writing that paper and can't face up.
29th Sep 2005, 16:44   comments (4)

ppng n pjms

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i meant to take a picture of the (absolutely cloud free) sky, but i accidentally left nightmode on. bleh.

it's extremely hot, and very windy. I feel a little bit like I'm in one of those stories I used to read about folks who'd colonised mars. in other words, I'm still, quite crazy.

also, a friend of a friend wrote about this ninja themed restaurant.
28th Sep 2005, 20:49   comments (3)


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*bus day pass

* need to write a paper on this tomorrow

*tabs, that'd be , x about 30, and one ...

in looking for a job, I find more career sorts of full time things.
there is no reason for me to be in school anymore except for the fact i enjoy it.
this is annoying.

tomorrow, I go to the mall. *shiver*
I really want a retail job that will have me work through the holidays, with lots of extra hours, and an excuse for avoiding social obligation. money=books=education > than social life
I like manual labour that doesn't lure me away from school with high hourly rates and the ability to work from home.
28th Sep 2005, 05:21   comments (1)


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27th Sep 2005, 23:07   comments (4)


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27th Sep 2005, 19:15   comments (0)


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rrrrrrrrrgggh.... so easy to sit here and not get ready for class.
so, so easy.
I bet i could get back in bed and sleep for another 4 hours, too, easy.
it's also really sunny and warm. not good for lots of walking. bleh.
27th Sep 2005, 16:14   comments (1)

grtngs n brll

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it bothers me that some of the songs I really love are whiny and I can't recommend them to anyone.

now, I'm really going to bed. maybe. probably. I'm going to try.

I feel really bad about not commenting much on people's moblogs.
I have reasons, though, mostly, my wrists hurt a lot, and I can't converse like most people can.

also, the amount of pure, disgusting, close-minded animosity I've seen
in the past few weeks has made me feel gross all over. It's just the
right time of the year for people to be acting like arses to each other? I missed the memo?

fall is here, and I should be settling in to a cave, to sleep through winter in, damn it.
26th Sep 2005, 08:35   comments (4)