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27th Oct 2005, 17:52   comments (2)


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intended to get enough material for a corset.
not a ballgown.
(well, not really oops. I knew 2 yards would be more than enough. I'm doubling it up, too, since I'm not making a *real* corset with actual boning etc.)
also got some light canvas/ship sail looking sort of fabric to go over it, because they only had oddly colored dark canvas in stock.

after cuting the part that I needed out, I almost have enough to cover my window(s).
it's heavy canvas that i suspect is mostly lightproof.
am going to use it for that if I don't make a jacket of some kind to go with corset so it can be worn outside of halloween.

the plan-
zombie, pirate, or vampire
because all three could use the same heavily shredded costume I've come up with.
(vampire if I find my prosthetic teeth, (and I don't mean the drugstore ones that make you talk funny, I mean , i-live-in-special-effects-land nice ones), zombie if i decide I want to buy / cake on a ton of makeup, pirate if I get the corset done)
27th Oct 2005, 06:47   comments (0)

fst fd

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I really thought the bottom of the fry container had a verse name/number , too, but the internet isn't helping. (or, rather, it looks like there never was.)

(would you like some g-d with that ? )

p.s. I have no problem with it whatsoever. I'd still eat there if the had the actual verses all over everything. a good burger is a good burger.
although, I must admit, I don't really enjoy fast food so much, now. I just kindof feel gross after eating it. which puts me to shame, by the way, i pride myself on my ability to eat Anything.
27th Oct 2005, 05:34   comments (0)


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favorite animals? kindof.

*dog who will viciously tear apart and eat anyone who gets close to me.

* the best tshirt I own, purchased at one of the best gigs I've been to, in one of the best places I've been to (Albuquerque, NM), with some of the best people I've lived with...

*bearrrrrrrrrrrrr. and no, I have no fucking clue how I'm going to cut this, yet. not even sure on the pencil i have down right now.
26th Oct 2005, 07:24   comments (3)


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that's a page of notes , from English.
and the Challenge Butter truck (i think...)
25th Oct 2005, 22:37   comments (0)


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knees are good for hugging
also, I can't wait for this CD. (I haven't purchased a CD in a really long time due to odd employment/ etc. but, if things keep going well, (if i get an official offer in the mail, this week...) I'm getting it ASAP.)

also, I'm going to(try and) sleep now, and I really hope I don't have anything due tomorrow that i forgot about.
25th Oct 2005, 08:32   comments (0)


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25th Oct 2005, 00:46   comments (2)

Brds n wr

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Can't sleep.
24th Oct 2005, 12:39   comments (1)