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what goes in my ears?
see hears. (my audioscrobbler page)

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I knew there was a reason for checking the forum daily.
though, I don't think I'd actually want any of those on my mobile.
I mean. well. yeah. smut.

also. this whole getting dark early thing is garbage.
6th Nov 2005, 01:26   comments (9)


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foldup plane. very cute and transformers-looking. should have more pictures of it somewhere.
6th Nov 2005, 01:07   comments (8)


my one guilty purchase from visiting Chris and Ragna, a panda finger puppet i found on bainbridge island.

on my jacket, probably from six or seven years ago.
(something from another comic i never finished/put much of any work into, also, to cover up the holes my rats chewed)

and, "don't fence me in" .

also, Walk the Line looks like it might be worth seeing.
5th Nov 2005, 21:52   comments (0)


woke up in intense pain, smeared smelly menthol burning goop on as much of my hands/arms/shoulders/neck/back as i possibly could.
(and then sat there clenching my teeth when I realized it was extra strength and the skin on my neck/back isn't as desensitized as my hands)

I flipped my mattress, by myself. (the broken spring that pokes my shoulder finally caused me to flip it, for probably the first time, ever. not counting moves where it may have been turned over.) I'm not exactly sure how I did it, either.

pink sheets. shutup. (they were 50$ cotton t-shirt feel sheets on clearance for 10$, and at the time, with employee discount, sheets for under 10$, yes. do I care what color? yes. but not that much.
my bed is also a lot bigger when it doesn't have a person-sized lump of clean laundry.
(I am a lazy sloth. clean clothes sit there because I'm usually to lazy to do anything with them/ they're easier to put on when they're right there. )
it's also a lot emptier.

speaking of clothes. I'm getting rid of everything.(er, well, I'll keep the two pairs of jeans that fit, business suit, and try and keep it under 10 tshirts.)
I'm going to see if i can enlist a sibling to photograph and ebay some of it.
if not, i'll see if i can hock it locally.
(I wanted to do /did costuming, for a while. I have things that never fit me, in the first place. I used to pride myself on ability to outfit anyone in any particular style from my collection of stuff.)
anyway, yeah. that's a big deal. once I do that, the only real Things I'll have are cds (and a plastic tub of pandas).
er... ugh.. not counting whatever is in storage.
that'll be next.

have extreme massive headache but am resisting soda in fridge for as long as i can bear it. (I had four yesterday, and two already today, somehow, by saying I was going to drink less, my mind went blank and replaced the note with "drink more", or, it could be the caffinated gum that did it. )
also, am going to try hard to not have any "diet" anything with artificial sugar in it.
as much as I love diet coke. (I really honestly don't like sugar-soda. regular coke is just too sweet for me, and it makes my mouth feel gross. like I just poured sugar straight into it. so. this is going to be tough.)

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... blah blah blah..
5th Nov 2005, 06:34   comments (5)


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4th Nov 2005, 08:53   comments (11)


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7 down , and some-thousand to go...
problem with film photos= scanning them all in.
(scanner very old / takes long time/ etc. I'm stopping at 7 and calling it a night. too much stuff done today to justify putting off sleep to get things done.)

and if I see this photo anywhere else, I will slit throats. (or, just be mildly upset/miffed for a few minutes. before calling my fucking lawyer. that I don't have. er. maybe. )

I really like sharing, I just hate that almost every single artist I know has been seriously burned as a result of sharing stuff. :

the good thing is, I think, slow as this scanner is, I can get stuff in at high enough quality to make prints from. gas mask christmas cards?! yes! or , more accurately, yes, if i have money to waste on printing when the time comes.)

and yes, that is most definitely tweaked a bit in photoshop for slight contrast.
4th Nov 2005, 08:31   comments (2)


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with very serious apologies to anyone easily offended/ who choses not to eat meat/animal products/ is ill at the sight of vegetables/ irrationally hates elephants/ etc.

Why, what a decorative looking gift bag! "What's in it", you ask?
(okay, so, it was funnier when I was in the kitchen and showing it to my younger brother.)

and, I do eat the cherry tomatos, they're really sweet and I prefer to not throw them in with everything, though. it's not like i'd pick anything out of my food infront of anyone else, though. (family and friends who might as well be family excluded. )
4th Nov 2005, 03:23   comments (0)


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also. google is seemingly down. (called two people local to confirm. could be something weird here,though.)
what's another good search engine? it's been so long since I've had to bother with any others.
3rd Nov 2005, 08:17   comments (13)