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today was weird. classes went really slow. (but to be honest and logical, I went to school hungry, so, my affective filter was probably going "discomfort > education, why aren't you dealing with discomfort?!!" I was going to make "affective filter" a link, but, all the simple definitions of the term based on Krashen's theory suck. there's one HUGE page with pop ups, but, it's like*, someone's term paper. Internet, you fail me.)

*like, ohmigawd, gag me with a spoon. (I'm trying to cut back. really.)

also, someone on deviantart added a photo I took as a favorite. probably because of the subject, but, still. nice.
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tl fr y

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28th Nov 2005, 20:55   comments (6)

y dn't knw wht yr mssng

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for the record, it took four tries.
(it's like, a fifth of a second that makes the difference.)

on an unrelated note, a coworker asked if I was part asian. it would have been funny if it had been the first, second, third, or even, twelfth time I'd been asked that. (as it stands, it's over 15, and I've just lost count.)
28th Nov 2005, 20:40   comments (2)


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walked home tonight.
bit longer than I thougt it'd be. 40 minutes or so. but, i did walk very, very slow along the halfmile or so that runs by the park. very quiet and nice.
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need glasses badly. my inability to read namebadges from more than a few feet away possibly seriously impacting my relationship with coworkers. and I just can't seem to remember everyone yet.
can't quite bring myself to wear my old glasses (obtained purely for subtitle reading 5 or so years ago), as they're uncomfortable.
blah blah blah. I thought people weren't supposed to start falling apart until their 40s.

also, mentioned wrist issues to customer to help explain/ give example of something, and she kept going on about how i was just Too Young! to have those issues. : \
I jokingly changed the topic by mentioning that whatever computer she got, she should take care and watch out for any pains/ look up ergonomic keyboard placement etc. though she already knew all that, as she'd mentioned doing occupational therapy and stuff / we compared hand exercises.
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nwhr mn

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27th Nov 2005, 00:10   comments (10)