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what goes in my ears?
see hears. (my audioscrobbler page)

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hll fckng ys

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oh security envelope, you made my day so much better.
3rd Dec 2005, 23:07   comments (1)


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and, stencil outside of art store, between parking lines.

(in other news, i just got back from a (monthly? could probably find out how often i go because it's probably the only trip i always take photos of) trip there...where I was really good at budgeting and spent exactly what i planned (maybe even a dollar or two less). got mostly linoleum and paper. not too exciting.)
3rd Dec 2005, 03:56   comments (2)


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3rd Dec 2005, 02:00   comments (0)


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3rd Dec 2005, 01:53   comments (0)


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first day off both school/work in a while. tired, stressed, the usual.
(still no sign of paycheck, either.)

woke up, found internet behaving poorly.
beat level 8 on dr. robotniks mean bean machine (on hard). this saddens me greatly, because, it means I only have two more levels, and then I've beat the game on every single setting.
wanting to save those levels for another point in time, I put in Zelda, and, uh, I don't know if anyone else has tried to pick up an RPG/ or Adventure game TWO WHOLE YEARS after saving mid-game, but, it's not very easy. anyway, afte about an hour of re-learning things without the aid of the internet to figure out what i was supposed to do next, i think i'm back on track. though I'm kindof stuck at the spot pictured above (it's a timing thing, I think.)

i really shouldn't be playing, but, honestly, it's raining outside, i don't feel like being social, and the idea of schoolwork or cleaning makes me feel like crying. then again, my hand makes me feel like that, too. bitch bitch bitch bitch. /etc.

I had to turn down an oppertunity to do Visuals at the store because of my stupid class on tuesday mornings that only last for two more weeks anyway. :
and, I need to ... hmm.. actually, yeah. I'll give the game about 30 more minutes, then it's Plan Classes for Spring Semester time.
2nd Dec 2005, 21:07   comments (1)


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1st Dec 2005, 22:23   comments (6)


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waiting/ thumb hooked in pocket.
1st Dec 2005, 04:16   comments (3)


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today was weird. classes went really slow. (but to be honest and logical, I went to school hungry, so, my affective filter was probably going "discomfort > education, why aren't you dealing with discomfort?!!" I was going to make "affective filter" a link, but, all the simple definitions of the term based on Krashen's theory suck. there's one HUGE page with pop ups, but, it's like*, someone's term paper. Internet, you fail me.)

*like, ohmigawd, gag me with a spoon. (I'm trying to cut back. really.)

also, someone on deviantart added a photo I took as a favorite. probably because of the subject, but, still. nice.
30th Nov 2005, 06:38   comments (0)