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what goes in my ears?
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cross polination stuffs?

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it's been fun to see the once single-colored roses mix.

when I first moved in : white, red, yellow rose bushes... not next to each other, either.
now: pink, pink tinged white, pink tinged yellow, yellow with deep red in parts. really neat.
1st May 2005, 19:51   comments (3)

NIN + signperson =

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figured out why i enjoyed the sign-person so much.
1st May 2005, 19:25   comments (0)


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1st May 2005, 18:19   comments (0)

G'night. (Going to sleep to)

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*too tie-rd (hah) for the usual. This is the earliest I've headed to sleep in years. 11pm . Bah...only had 3 hours this morning, though...
( a very dark hail-to-the-thief, pictured)
1st May 2005, 06:53   comments (0)

on the much brighter side....

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okay, look. musical theater may not be your thing.... but!
I really, really encourage you, STRONGLY! to check out this site, and listen to the mp3 (it may seem boring/uninteresting at first, but, really, give it a full listen)...
I thought it was pretty amusing. I wouldn't mention it if I didn't think it was really great.

daniel has been a family friend for as long as I can remember. I think one of my first cassette tapes was of his lullaby type stuff. anyway. I'm going to try my damndest to make it to one of the showings .
1st May 2005, 00:56   comments (6)

I feel like.

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("Out of gas
Out of road
Out of car
I dont know how Im going to go and
I had a drink the other day
Opinions were like kittens
I was giving them away and
I had a drink the other day
I had a lot to say
And I said
You will come down soon too
You will come down too soon" and, f--k if Modest Mouse didn't tell it all to me already.)
1st May 2005, 00:39   comments (1)


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*my favorite little sign person, ever. the one sheepishly/lazily tossing the wadded up paper over his shoulder. even though just dropping it would be easier.

*going home

* the absolutely lovely los angeles river!
30th Apr 2005, 21:14   comments (0)


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* someone was handing out mini-burgers, as a sample/promotion for place down a ways.
aaron ate it. I was afraid.

* umbrella corp. phone from resident evil. (from store selling movie props)

30th Apr 2005, 20:40   comments (0)