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what goes in my ears?
see hears. (my audioscrobbler page)

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* fell asleep while trying to upload this one.

* good morning.

*.... I mean.. afternoon... : (
13th May 2005, 19:33   comments (3)

blanket, hand, computer

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must..... fight...urge...
13th May 2005, 11:36   comments (0)

Tribute to 80's portrait photography

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looks better not through my phone...
(wonder if it was just a trend here? anyone actually have any photos like this? I'll see if can dig up some as they are really funny)
13th May 2005, 10:39   comments (0)


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Tmobile network starts working again... Dsl dies... Three other networks, and the one with no password has no connection either... Wish i knew who was who.

edit: oh, good. only offline for two hours. back online in time to, go to sleep. argh. I just hope this isn't adelphia cable doing "upgrades" again...
13th May 2005, 10:21   comments (1)

non-work goal for the weekend

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find out if this thing actually works.
(it was like, 3$, that's 1 quid 50pence or something...impulse buy next to the spray enamel i got to use instead of ground on recent etching/plate, in case anyone has any idea wtf I'm talking about...)
13th May 2005, 06:52   comments (4)


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* before
an old photo from a flight to either nebraska or seattle.

* after
I promise this isn't as ugly as my phone makes it out to be.
(and i only put my name in a corner that gets cut off with most monitor sizes for safety)
13th May 2005, 02:05   comments (2)


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finally gave in and sent it via bluetooth to computer to then email.
(been trying to post this since I woke up, as, I fell asleep while about to send last night)

what I was listening to. (don't laugh too hard)
13th May 2005, 02:02   comments (1)


(viewed 1060 times)
sad edible flowers.
I had a photo of an anchorwoman , but, tmobile decided today is not a
day for moblogging.
good thing, I guess, because, the words that went with it are
terrible. (in the , overly emotional, obnoxious, corny sense. woe is
me, etc. and that's not the sort of thing that should be going
anywhere. except I put it up as a text file anyway in case I need it while I'm at school/ for class. and for laughs.)
12th May 2005, 22:30   comments (15)