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what goes in my ears?
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You guys didn't tell me about this one

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23rd May 2005, 00:42   comments (4)


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cowboy hat and goggles, a pair not commonly found in the wild.

(dad's in the US today, first time in 5 months. so, today, i tried to do some cleaning, for the first time in 5 months. hah. )
22nd May 2005, 23:42   comments (3)


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* Computer, it's all your fault,

* sucking me in again.

(hello four thirty AM, have I told you today that I want you to die?)
22nd May 2005, 12:10   comments (4)


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a bear that i will surely write many stories about when i get to the point in my life when i have time to write stories about bears.

(and if i just keep thinking about things that far off, it's like none of this matters.)
22nd May 2005, 09:50   comments (2)


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22nd May 2005, 02:40   comments (1)


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something i recorded low-fi, that , when played on my stereo/headphones, I only cringe with disgust through the first half of.
22nd May 2005, 00:33   comments (0)


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candy colored escape-key ring.
found while cleaning my room.
from a completely different point in my life. interesting.
(would throw it out, but, could be used to pull together a great halloween costume at some point in the future. wait. that's really bad pack-rat mentality right there. blah. oh well.)

I ended up writing a huge sum of words blog/journal style. but, then i decided they were completely inapropriate for sharing with anyone, and more diary-like than journalish. yuck.
the gist of it, was, I remembered dreaming when i woke up, and, it was awful. no more leisure sleeping for me.
21st May 2005, 23:36   comments (0)


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nothing like what i remembered it tasting like. not sure if i even like it enough to finish it. so, so, sugary.

I think I enjoyed american candy until some jerk had me try english stuff. bleah.
it's okay, though. there are a lot of non-chocolate things that are much better, here. I just need to figure out what they are.
21st May 2005, 22:38   comments (2)