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Long day...

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21st Jul 2005, 01:20   comments (6)

blah blah blah

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one of these would have been enough.
however, you can see my haircolor in the second one. which is good. because i'm about to go change it. again.

also, one of my brothers (the one who is too lazy to moblog) has somehow found himself waiting tables at a thai resteraunt in York.
Aaron is going over today, and then I'm in to london the 27th-or-so.
and then Aaron's girlfriend comes over, too!
it's going to be really, really crazy.
(and, admitedly, not quite the quiet-alone-time I'd been planning on.)
travel is always a Good Thing, though.
20th Jul 2005, 01:43   comments (6)

happy.. what?!

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damn, southwest airlines has sent me the coolest birthday cards every year for as long as i can remember. if I ever go back to doing graphic design, i SO want to do corporate birthday cards.
20th Jul 2005, 00:28   comments (16)


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found a ball of hemp while cleaning last week. wanted to see if i remembered anything.
(i did, but, not the bit about measuring how long. hence the weird braiding at the end.)
19th Jul 2005, 23:15   comments (2)

I'm sleeping on both pillows.

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19th Jul 2005, 15:27   comments (48)


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*summer. Aaron reads manga while Warren rests. (and amuses me by swinging around his foot making spaceship noises)

Brian left today.
Things are going to be strange.
on the other hand, it means I'll be back to sitting at the computer. maybe.
I do have a lot of things I should be doing. actually, yeah, I'm not going to be online so much.
19th Jul 2005, 04:19   comments (3)


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17th Jul 2005, 22:08   comments (2)


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wanted to take brian to see something at the archlight theater.
ended up seeing that star wars movie because i figured, painful as it oculd be to watch, it would take most advantage of big screen/nice sound.
17th Jul 2005, 02:37   comments (3)