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I'll probably be listening to this (and nothing else) for a very very long time.

sshhh... it's playing dead. (it's been living in my planter for more than a few days, doesn't seem to be harming the plants. however, if it's still there on monday, i'll move the little guy someplace else.)

I woke up, looked in the mirror, and had a pretty good scare. my eye had stuff that seemed really, really wrong with it. keeping a cool wet washcloth on it solved the problem, though. I'll probably go into detail about that in my journal.
I've decided that drinking before sleeping is NOT for me. (well, no drinking anything mixed, in large volumes anyway.) No matter how much water I drink/ how I try to rehydrate myself before sleeping, I always wake up with eye problems (usually of the puffy, swollen shut variety).. today's was different in a much worse way, though.

I probably had more to drink last night than at any point in time in the past six years. I didn't get drunk, either. This says a lot about why I don't enjoy social "get drunk" drinking. it just doesn't work for me. I wonder how my liver is doing. something in there sure aches.

I wish I'd taken photos, but, my phone died. I got to spend time with people I like.
I'm going to try and talk to them more often. I'm going to try really hard to get over my issues with going out/ being social.

I have emails that i really need (and want) to write . but i'm just going nuts right now, my stomach is in knots because i'm so stressed about this england trip.
so, I'm going to go do laundry, make a list of things to get done, and hopefully tomorrow i'll be clear-headed enough to write. maybe later today.
23rd Jul 2005, 23:41   comments (2)


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Hanging cowboy hat. I sleep now. Much to write about.
23rd Jul 2005, 14:25   comments (0)


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surprise and shock. 1. wtf? I didn't order aything. 2... it.. stays... open... on... its... own..
( mat, thanks. I'll send you an email probably tomorrow. staying away from computer cleaning/packing right now.)
22nd Jul 2005, 23:47   comments (4)


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maybe she didn't say anything because I made her fat.

I think she likes me anyway, though.

he's old, too.

moms parents. me at a week or so old. grandma died today a lot of years ago. I should find one of those awesome photos of her from when she was young. few people really takes photos like they did back then.

Edit: she just found out/ remembered it was my brithday/ apologised a lot / offered to .... cook......ahem.. yeah... scary... anyway, turns out she wasn't still bitter about my making her fat. : D
22nd Jul 2005, 23:36   comments (1)


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I forgot I was in the middle of "cleaning". so, when I got up to go to bed, I realized I'd have to do something about the piles I'd put on the bed....
(shoved all the soft things to the side (this is why I have a double, not so two people can sleep well, but, so I can use it for storage. hah. : ) picked all the books/photos/glass things/ cds up, and put them on shelves. papers and misc. went on the floor. )
I think i'm getting sick. could just be the weird not-eating/sleeping-right + dust from cleaning making things blah, though.
22nd Jul 2005, 10:46   comments (1)

... another long day

I cleaned all the stuff i had piled on the second bed off, and folded misc. soft things to make it couch-like, again. I'll take my mug shots off the wall, i just pinned them so i wouldn't lose them (again).

I'm sorry, did I say, cleaned? I meant, threw to the other bed/ side of the room.

I'm not sure if it's what I planted, but, something is growing alright.

have no appetite what-so-ever. I'll make myself eat something more later.

the colors kinda-sorta go. more important, the light kinda-sorta-stays out.
22nd Jul 2005, 01:51   comments (4)

Nice thing about

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showering at one am...
21st Jul 2005, 08:57   comments (9)

Long day...

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21st Jul 2005, 01:20   comments (6)