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Leaving dulles . No updates for a bit.

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Walk from d 30 to c 5 ... Sucked.
27th Jul 2005, 14:12   comments (0)


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Relatively ugly seattle art print. Still made me wish i was there.
27th Jul 2005, 12:59   comments (0)


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27th Jul 2005, 12:29   comments (0)


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27th Jul 2005, 07:23   comments (2)

Lax 1

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This guy sat alone and fidgeted so much , i almost asked "what's wrong?". Hope he doesn't creep out the gal next to him.
27th Jul 2005, 07:20   comments (0)


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the amazing thing here... kinda sick, allergies from massive amounts of dust in garage, no sleep, aaaannnd... when I get to the UK, I'm going to somehow look worse! woo!

flight is at 11pm. if i manage to finish packing (soon) there will be a trip to pick up some sort of cookie called Nutter Butters (that I've never tried/can't vouch for) for my friend Oscar, who's being an absolutely awesome person, and picking me up from the airport (was going to take the picadilly line to his/family's house, but, when i emailed a few days ago they weren't sure about that being open).
I'm staying with them (very good family friends) just for the night, I think (so i can be in york for the next few days my brother is in town).

will probably update again before i leave with text about how to get ahold of me or something. if not, i will as soon as i get to york.

also, packing one backpack, for a month, sure makes me think about getting rid of everythign not in said backpack.
If I don't get another hollywood job, when I come home. maybe I will.
26th Jul 2005, 21:44   comments (3)

riiight. (left-wrong?)

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I have a feeling one would turn my hair a violent red-purple, and the other black.
however.( they're supposed to be shades of brown)
the black one will fade to a (not nice) green-brown.
the red one probably a pleasant red-brown.
(I need to figure this out/pick one, because, I'm not dying my hair while I'm in the UK, and i cant have something that might turn weird with odd water. this is why the lack of blue+green. that takes too much maintainance/ care.)
i need to re-shave the underside of my head, too. that way, no worries about that getting too long.

also. slippers. they look like dress shoes, but, don't stay on your feet as well, aren't high off the ground, and, most importantly, will fit in a backpack.

I'm really tired and really stressed out. and Ikindaalmostwishicouldjuststayhome. but not really. but. yeah.
I haven't got half the things done I meant to have done.
26th Jul 2005, 08:05   comments (14)


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I'm not sure if you can tell from this shot, but.... you can tell this building has seen more than a few earthquakes. (each hallway section was on its own slant. none lining up exactly)

call button! old!
26th Jul 2005, 06:39   comments (2)