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cstl hwrd 2

.old mail art (1800s?)
6th Aug 2005, 18:05   comments (1)

cstl hwrd 1

no, I didn't bring any of my real cameras with me. oops.

. poor books. : (
.(to show someone a desk that doesn't quite fold)
. ...should.. have... taken.. real... camera.. despite.. hands.. being.. garbage... argh.
6th Aug 2005, 17:59   comments (16)


.moth, last night
. "the crayfish the soul" wh-wh-what?! I needed something to put me to sleep. unfortunately, I made it THIRTY fricken pages into this tarot book my dad had on the shelf.
the good thing, those 30 pages were history/ interesting. this is the part where it got into card meanings. and my brain went "sleep more valuable" and I got to sleep before 4 am, for the first time in a while...
however! I woke up quite a bit to make sleep a grand total of about three hours. boo.
.boo. hiss.
. there's a foot in my glass!
did I mention i'm half asleep? and everything is funny?
6th Aug 2005, 05:53   comments (11)

(lines and shape)

(viewed 478 times)
5th Aug 2005, 22:05   comments (2)


. a different kind of drowning
.had an overwhelming urge to jump off bridge today. not because of any suicidal thoughts (I mean, please. that would hardly kill a person, probably break an arm or rib if anything) but, because. I don't know. hence I've determined there are surely sirens living in it.
I will probably take a picture of it every time I walk by. I can't help it. even if i know they'll turn out as rubbish as this.
. you can almost see a teeny tiny bit of old building in there.
5th Aug 2005, 19:22   comments (13)

(warp pipe!)

(viewed 650 times)
milli vanilli are kidnapped by koopa and turned into lawyers! (that's
peach disguised as part of a backup-band, and kootiepie(sp?).)
(oh , old american childrens shows based on videgames that try to mix
in pop culture, why are you on TV, now?)
5th Aug 2005, 02:43   comments (11)


(viewed 675 times)
. yesterday, dinner = salad with terrible gross slivers of some kind of
pork-weird-idontknow-meat, and a "homemade" dressing. I decided, since
it was 2am, making something with my paper napkin was acceptable.

. finally getting a little more sleep. finally managed to get my hair
fluffy and clean. this made me happier than anything else, recently.
(it was getting to the point where I was getting very unhappy about
potentially having to cut all my hair off. because I would much rather
have no hair, than greasy hair, right now. my dad's shower has actual
water pressure, though. cold-skull crisis averted.)

.I accomplished something today. something very small, but, good
enough. I'm actually really pleased with it, but, no scanning the
whole thing in, as i'll probably send/give it to someone who'd see
this. this part is what i was really pleased with/ though i did mess
it up.

. this stuff. not bad. strange. but not bad.

tonight was the first time i had a meal here that i , not only felt full after eating.. but.. my stomach didn't pain me/ feel like burning, nor was i nauseous! this makes me so, so happy. I could just. yeah. yay. : D I'm going to sleep sooooo good tonight.
I do really need to get my stomach checked, though. (this had only started the day i packed/got on the plane) I'm the sort of person that will eat anything, specifically so my stomach will be hearty/ handle anything travelling can throw at it. (yeah. I'd eat bugs. the opportunity just hasn't presented itself properly yet.)
so, this strange burning+nausea after eating anything acidic really is no good. in fact , it makes me angry. (you hear that, guts?! I'm mad at you!)
4th Aug 2005, 22:36   comments (8)


(viewed 727 times)
long day. still not sleeping much because of construction next door at
early hours + my odd sleep habits.actually got dressed properly to go out. went out. walked into a pub/
club sort of thing (that i'd researched as seeming like the most
alternative spot, hosting goth nights/ etc... looked around. walked
out. (aaron was with me and had a phone call he couldn't hear, so,
that was the main reason for walking out.. but.. woo. talk about
uncomfortable. I'm afraid to even open my mouth in a public place
like, someone will notice, yell "American!!" and I'll have rotten
vegetables and fruit thrown at me, or something... bleeeeah. )
2nd Aug 2005, 22:12   comments (26)