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what goes in my ears?
see hears. (my audioscrobbler page)

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you could learn...

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11th Aug 2005, 11:41   comments (7)


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. I stayed up late. (trash. I didn't even bother finishing it.)

. and then I woke up early.

. really early.

. really.

I slept a little after that.
If I can manage to eat a bowl of cereal, and a banana, I'll probably
sit a bit more, then go walking/jogging on the city walls. that seems
to be the best place to do that sort of thing, as, every few houses
there is a drive that (might) cut through to another street and have
cars who aren't paying attention. (when around cars, it's also
important that you pay attention, however, because cars are much
bigger and faster, it's really, really important they're alert. This
makes me think of Family Guy. The episode with the fire trucks. (now I
want to watch tv..)...
11th Aug 2005, 09:28   comments (7)


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10th Aug 2005, 19:36   comments (5)


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10th Aug 2005, 06:30   comments (0)

moral of the story: ask first.

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. I didn't say you could sleep in my bed!

. oh, come on. you're mostly outside, just a bit more in the other
direction, and I can close the window.

. no. not coming back in. sorry. yes, I know there are bats out there. sorry.
10th Aug 2005, 02:10   comments (2)

I have your (spine)

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today seemed really long. I'm tired, but I'm not.
i want to (i miss being able to) talk and fall asleep at the same time.
10th Aug 2005, 00:51   comments (1)

(not) same

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. my writing changes. a lot.

. I think these were all the same day.

. those are words, believe it or not.
10th Aug 2005, 00:49   comments (2)

boring (but not to me!)

. i win at cutting tomatoes.

. (they went in pasta, with mushroom. and other things. and it was
declared "exceedingly good" by my dad. this disturbed me on different
levels. however. I think it means I win at pasta, too. the tomatoes
went in at the very end while mixing everything to put on table. (
after mushrooms/ herbs/garlic/etc. had been sauteed.)

. I really like these glasses. they don't break very easily.

. peanutbutter

. jelly (not traditionally in one sandwich like they should be.)

.i've decided, as cool as streamlined metal/plastics are, for
house-things, wood just has a very different feel that i like.
especially when it's something you build yourself/ or can alter. even
if it's just staining it the color you want.

I can tell. it's going to be a long night, of not being able to sleep very well.
did i mention my brother's girlfriend is over, for the week?
yeah. time for falling asleep with painful earbud-headphones in. (actually, i've done that almost every night i've been here. can't really sleep, otherwise. though i've managed to take them out in a very-close-to-asleep-daze more than a few nights.)
9th Aug 2005, 01:53   comments (67)