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Got an early birthday present from the BeardyMan today... a 50mm lens! It's been on my wishlist for aaaages (since January 2010, to be exact). So of course i went out and played with it for a while. Also, obligatory self-with-camera shot.


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I've been wanting to try mint chocolate muffins for a while. I decided to make the muffins just chocolate and ice them with mint. As you can see, i suck at icing.

The other is chocolate orange that ended up with a mouth, so, googly eyes.

Espedair Street

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Book Seven.

It took me a while to get into this book, and i don’t know why. Perhaps because it doesn’t start out as outright odd or different like Banks’ previous books have.

My one-word opinion of it would be: “Okay.” This book is okay. The weakest effort i have read by Banks so far, but still far better than most.

(Longer spoiler-filled review at:

Morning Stroll

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One morning while staying at Carsington Water we took a walk. It was pretty.

The second photo is at the edge of the water, and is what we think used to be a road that went straight across, before they flooded the whole place to make the resivoir.


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The warning signs for cyclists around Carsington Water made for much amusement.

American Gods

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Book Six.

There were numerous large concepts being dealt with throughout the book, but i chose not to read into them too deeply. Maybe i would have enjoyed the book and the conclusion more if i had, but i preferred to let myself enjoy the characters and their journeys without over analysing the metaphors. I’m sure this book would benefit from a re-read or two, but i doubt it will get it from me. I enjoyed the book, and that’s enough.

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Behind the scenes at Nottingham City Council. It was predictably dull!
14th Feb 2013, 19:36   comments (1)


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What started off as a design for a cold frame became more of a mini greenhouse. Oops? And it's not even finished yet.
9th Feb 2013, 21:02   comments (2)