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The Arrival

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Arrived sooooo much quicker than i thought considering i ordered it on Sunday with the free 3-5 day delivery option.

Big enough box?
2nd Jun 2009, 12:44   | tags:,,,comments (6)


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I was rather bored this evening...


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Taken this morning when i had a lot more energy.

They took far too much time and effort and prompted me to order a remote. No more shots like this until it arrives!

Blowing Bubbles

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I've been doing a lot of this today.

My (notso)Beardy Man and i have invented a lot of bubble games that can be played from the bed.

Very lazy Sunday.


I finally uploaded photos from my phone (some that i'd taken months ago) to my computer. I'd forgotten about a lot of them!

1) A random and oddly shaped bit of wood out on the street.

2) I go to the shops in my slippers way too much.

3) A wall of a pub that used to have posters stuck all over it. Not that's you'd ever know it...

4) An awesome bit of art work in aforementioned pub.

5) Pirate weetabix. If i liked weetabix i'd have it!

6) Discovering i can use my fisheye adapter with my phone whilst in my parent's kitchen.

Fisheye Goodness

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Only 4 days after getting my fisheye lens i have managed to lose my adapter ring for it. I am awesome.

So to celebrate my stupidity i am posting a few of my favourite photos that i have taken so far.

1) A totally accidental shot that i'm rather proud of :)

2) My niece, Emily, peering over me as i tried to photograph the sky.

3) New baby Lily with a giant hand :)

What Is It?

Help please! These are all growing on out allotment, but we can only guess as to what they are. Do you know more?

1) This stuff it about 4 feet tall and dominating a whole corner of the allotment. We want to know what it is so we can find out how easy (or difficult...) it is to get rid of.

2) This thing is massive. That stem in the middle is about 3 inches thick. With the size of the leaves as well, the only guess we can make is rhubarb?

3) Apple tree? Anyone know what kind?

4 & 5) It looks like celery, but it smelt flowery?

More Allotment

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1) From the door looking up the path.
2) From the greenhouse looking down the path (with added poser.)
3) The greenhouse.
4) The path to the left of the door, which leads to the exit of the allotments. If you can spot the Canadian flag (there is a tiny spot of red), that's one of our friend's allotments :)