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My Favourites

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The last in my J B Spray building series. These are just my favourite photos.

Living at J B Spray

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The living room-type area on the 1st floor of the J B Spray building; fisheye style, of course.
The blue walls between the pillars are plaster board, with smaller rooms behind.
The third photo shows your typical squat's coffee table with essential supplies; nuts, chocolate, hummus, water and tobacco.

J B Spray 7

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The top floor. Completely covered in pigeon poop with many stray pigeons flying about.
The windows that unfortunately have been graffitied on & the balcony just beyond (that i did not venture out on to during this visit).
Through the window i took a rainy photo of the view the top floor offers of Nottingham.

J B Spray 6

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The stairs upto the 5th and final floor. These were very creaky. I was prepared for that fact that i may have fallen through, but thankfully i didn't!

J B Spray 5

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The windows & stairs as i climbed up to the 4th floor. This is where the stiarcase towers end, but not the building...
I daren't veture far onto the 4th floor; there are far too many damp patches on the roof and floor.

J B Spray 4

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Approaching the 3rd floor i spy another pigeon. This floor also has the largest pond and an obviously damp roof.

J B Spray 3

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The staircase towers (at either end of the building) are one of my favourite things about this place. They also feel the safest.

J B Spray 2

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The ground floor has barricades up at the windows to prevent the police attempting an illegal eviction, so is too dark to photograph.
The 1st floor is being used as the living quarters, with plaster board walls (that were put up many years ago (it has been speculated that an attempt to convert the building into offices OR that it was used as some kind of film set) and are currently sturdier than a lot of the building) creating smaller bedrooms.
So i begin my tour on the 2nd floor. A floor on which, 2 years ago, a few of us played cricket on. I would not feel safe playing cricket on this floor today. It was my first sighting of pigeons and ponds in the building.