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Love Shoes

(viewed 1248 times)
I had forgotten i even owned these shoes.
When i found them i was rather happy.
I love these shoes, you see.
24th Jul 2009, 10:43   | tags:,,comments (11)


(viewed 1210 times)
She's ever so good at cheering up her little sister; singing to her & kissing her. They are a very adorable pair.
24th Jul 2009, 09:47   | tags:,,,comments (2)

Spin & Swing

(viewed 1892 times)
& throw & twirl & toss & tickle & dangle & get very dizzy. This little girl never gets tired and our rides never last long enough...
23rd Jul 2009, 18:24   | tags:,,,comments (4)

Lets Go Fly A Kite

(viewed 1749 times)
I'm determined to finish posting my photos from this particular weekend before i start posting more recent photographic adventures!

The last photo is when she sat down on the kite; convinced that when the wind blew she would fly... oh to be that naive again...
23rd Jul 2009, 18:03   | tags:,,,,,comments (3)


(viewed 735 times)
It my not be the heavens, but i think it looks just as impressive.
21st Jul 2009, 13:28   | tags:,comments (11)

Call Her Green

(viewed 1191 times)
My almost 4 year old niece.

These were taken 2 weekends ago; i took so many and it has taken me this long to decide which ones i love the most to post!

My absolute favourite and Kite Adventures; coming soon...
21st Jul 2009, 12:15   | tags:,,comments (3)

Step-by-Step Guide to Tomatoes

(viewed 997 times)
Step One: Get tomato plants.
Step Two: Watch flowers bloom.
Step Three: Watch tomatoes appear!

The first photo was taken about a month ago, but would you believe that tiny plant in the middle is now the tallest!
15th Jul 2009, 09:25   | tags:,,comments (5)

The Sun Has Faded

(viewed 1388 times)
I'm posting a quick one because i feel that i need to.

There are so many things i enjoy doing with my time, but lately i have had a distinct lack of time.

Due to recent unwanted overtime at work i have found myself:
- Without a camera in my hand much much more than is comfortable.
- Falling ridiculously far behind in both the Focus group here and in my OU digital photography course.
- Not at the allotment as much as i would like, though yesterday while getting sunburnt i finally began turning over and digging up roots in the area where our first raised beds will go.
- With very little energy or motivation. I hate this the most as it simply perpetuates my inability to do things.

BUT i have suddenly found myself in a cheery mood this afternoon (thanks to music and a mental & physical clear up). This will hopefully be prolonged by a week off work.

Also, i hate the weather. It may look nice, but it is completely impractical.