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(viewed 1285 times)
Of Wendy Face fame.

I figued i should upload a couple of photos of him here. I named him Bob.
4th Nov 2009, 20:04   | tags:,,comments (0)

Baby Pumpkin

(viewed 2183 times)
I am currently in possession of the world's tiniest pumpkin.
I want to carve it, but i have never in my life carved a pumpkin before and i am terrified of ruining this cute little thing.


(viewed 1510 times)
...was pretty much the only sound i heard whilst wandering around the Forest this afternoon.

Muchly awesome.

Who Made All The Pies?

(viewed 1645 times)
First time making pies. They were very easy (with the pre-made vegan puff pastry) to make.
When i have 'helped' my Mum make pie in the past i always made pastry leaves to go on top, so of course that is what i did for mine.
And the BeardyMan, after i saw >this<, went ahead and put the pi symbol (in a heart?) on his.

Verdict: TASTY!

Black Star Badge

(viewed 1179 times)
This was an outfit i wore aaaages ago, but i was really happy with my clothing choices that day. Particularly the detail of the black star badge on the white t-shit. And that fact that i can wear this badge to work and no one says a word :)

Post Production Pizza

(viewed 1003 times)
After finishing our first (rather tiddly) bed to plant carrots in at the allotment, we walked home in the dark (it took us a lot longer than we had planned.) and we accidentally walked right in here and ordered a pizza.

14th Oct 2009, 17:20   | tags:,,comments (1)

Allotment Doors

(viewed 1191 times)
Top 3 Allotment doors at the Whitemoor Allotments in Nottingham, as voted for by me.

#3: Buzz Lightyear. I will walk out of my way to catch a glimpse of this door. Always makes me smile.

#2: Wooden Head. Just really awesome.

#1: Painted Sun. This one is just so simple and so happy. I love it.

The Sythe Saga

(viewed 1924 times)
Ever since we got our allotment BeardyMan has wanted to get a sythe.
To sum up, sythes are pretty much awesome. Easy to use, clear a space in quick time, no back ache, etc.
Sythes are also expensive.
In the current state of our allotment a sythe wouldn't be that useful; still too overgrown in most places.
But bugger me, what do i happen to stumble upon burried under all that overgrowth? Only a bloody sythe!
So of course i held it up in triumph and took a photo.