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Here I Am

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I've been gone a while, huh? Oops, I'm sorry, i suck. I also hate updating
without having kept up to date with everyone else's photos. Urgh. I'm awful.
But i have thought about you all and moblog lots. I miss it all! My hiatus
seemed to coincide with 1) starting to use Chrome: i cannot upload photos
with that broswer. 2) kind of trying to buy a house, a lot of stress
regarding homelessness and... just life shite. But i want to be back. So...
hopefully i'll be about a bit. And I'm typing this monster on my phone so it
had better send, and i apologise for lack of paragraphing!



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A vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Nottingham. Very tasty food, rather eclectic style and AWESOME toilet door signs.

Tea and Cake Time

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Om nom nom.
8th Mar 2011, 08:11   | tags:,,,comments (0)


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The first i took last year just before winter really set in. I walk past the spot every day to work, and when the sun is out it makes such pretty shadows.

The second was the sight that greeted my one morning in November after waking up in a strange bed :)

I Smell

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Randomly came across this in a magazine.
Made me LOL.
6th Feb 2011, 09:16   | tags:,,comments (2)

What Opoly?

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Did i ever tell you guys about 'Squatopoly'?
When you live in a squat with not a lot else to do, sitting down with your squatmates and making up games for hours seems perfectly sane...
5th Feb 2011, 19:39   | tags:,,comments (1)

Fairy Cakes

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BeardyMan's birthday today. We spent most of yesterday making fairy cakes for him to take to work.
I've never eaten or made fairy cakes before, so basically we just made cakes, then i showed him how to make vegan butter icing, then i left him to it to do the wings. (I don't get it, just ice the top, they'll taste the same?)
I've been denying him fairy cakes for so long because i don't see the point, but as it's for his birthday...


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I am half an hour early for a house viewing.
As much as i like walking in the rain, I'm not going to simply stand around in it for 30 minutes.
Hiding in the loo it is...
29th Sep 2010, 16:38   | tags:,,,,,comments (8)