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Pizza Week: Day One

(viewed 825 times)
We have moved into our house, but we have yet to buy a cooker. What does
this mean? Pizza week, of course! Day one was brought to us by Dominos.
Sweetcorn and jalapenos. Nom.
30th Nov 2011, 19:48   | tags:comments (6)


(viewed 1159 times)
As true as it is, it would be wrong to buy myself a card to celebrate my awesomeness, huh? Shame.

And i'm sorry, little girl, but i do not believe you drew those pictures yourself.
15th Nov 2011, 18:08   | tags:,,,,comments (2)

Mannequin Vanity

(viewed 1036 times)
But how can she be admiring herself in a mirror when she has no eyes?
8th Nov 2011, 21:33   | tags:,,,comments (2)

Still Gorgeous

(viewed 898 times)
My nieces are growing up SO beautifully.

I can barely believe Emily will be 6 later this month.

Oh, and my sister-in-law popped out twin girls last week. I have four nieces; it's okay to be jealous.

I Dream of Tea

(viewed 508 times)
The front of the tea cupboard in a house BeardyMan and i stayed at when we were suddenly and temporarily homeless a few months ago.

And now i need a cup of tea.
3rd Nov 2011, 17:18   | tags:comments (3)

It's Official.

(viewed 1462 times)
The BeardyMan and i are home owners. Fuuuuuuu...

There is some work we need to get done before we can move in, but as the house is actually ours now, we can get right on and do it!
30th Oct 2011, 18:15   | tags:,,comments (12)

Behind Door Number One...

(viewed 1295 times)
Currently 99% of my belongings are in storage. They have been for three months.

We (should) get the keys for new house by the end of the week. ...Then we have damp and timber work that needs doing before we move in.

Le sigh.

The second two photos are "mass storage" which is a crazy place. TVs, piled on TVs piled on... you get the idea.
25th Oct 2011, 17:54   | tags:,,,comments (8)

Here I Am

(viewed 1162 times)
I've been gone a while, huh? Oops, I'm sorry, i suck. I also hate updating
without having kept up to date with everyone else's photos. Urgh. I'm awful.
But i have thought about you all and moblog lots. I miss it all! My hiatus
seemed to coincide with 1) starting to use Chrome: i cannot upload photos
with that broswer. 2) kind of trying to buy a house, a lot of stress
regarding homelessness and... just life shite. But i want to be back. So...
hopefully i'll be about a bit. And I'm typing this monster on my phone so it
had better send, and i apologise for lack of paragraphing!